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AUUG 2005 Conference Announcement

  • 21 September, 2005 09:10

<p><b>AUUG's annual conference will focus on strategies for practical
problem solving for issues from computer security to interoperability.</b>
<b>The key resource for well informed professionals using Unix, Linux -
Open Source on
<p>SYDNEY, Australia --19 September, 2005 -- AUUG, the organisation for
UNIX, Linux and Open Source professionals, today announced its annual
national conference
for UNIX, Linux, BSD and Open Source users, corporations,
agencies, developers and vendors. The conference will provide practical
problem solving strategies for managers and implementers of a broad
range of Open Source technologies on UNIX, Linux, MAC OS X and
<p>The conference, now in its third decade, is a key resource and
place for users, developers and vendors wanting to make the most of
investments in UNIX, Linux and Open Source Systems.</p>
<p>The 3 day conference programme is preceded by an in depth 3 day
programme. There is a focus on security topics including "NSA Security
Enhanced Linux", but many
areas of interest are covered including: MySQL and other databases,
web application development, kernel hacking, high availability systems
and wireless networks.</p>
<p>Although focused on providing strong technical content, the
also addresses business topics and provides excellent opportunities for
attendees to meet and build friendships via the conference reception
<p><b>Keynote and invited speakers include:</b></p>
<p></p><ul style="list-style-type: disc;">
<ul style="list-style-type: disc;">
<li>Brad Templeton, Electronic Frontier Foundation (USA)<br/>
<li>Bryan Cantrill, Sun Microsystems (USA)<br/>
<li>Peter Gutmann, University of Auckland (New Zealand)<br/>
<li>Dejan Diklic, IBM (USA)<br/>
<li>Chris Green, Microsoft (Australia)<br/>
<li>Arjen Lentz, MySQL AB (Australia)<br/>
<li>Mark Uemura, PricewaterhouseCoopers IAS (Japan)<br/>
<li>Reyk Floeter, Vantronix (Germany)<br/>
<b>Key Partners in the event include:</b> Sun
IBM, Levi, Ray &amp; Shoup, Eolas Technologies, MySQL, MandLin Sales,
Custom Technology
Australia, ISOC-AU, Computerworld and LinuxWorld.
AUUG 2005 will be held at the Carlton Crest Hotel, Sydney
19-21 October 2005. Conference program and speaker topics are
<p>Tutorials will be conducted prior to the conference, at the same
from 16-18 October 2005.</p>
<p>Both AUUG members and non-members can attend with discounts for AUUG
members, members of affiliated organizations and students. Registration
for the conference is $825 for AUUG members and $1000 for non-members.
is a special discounted student rate of just $110. Tutorials are $360
half day for AUUG members and $540 for non-members.</p>
<p>These "Early Bird" rates apply up to 23 September 2005 after which
registration fees apply. Act now to get the early bird discount by
registering at<br/></p>
<b>About AUUG Incorporated</b>
AUUG Inc. is the Organisation for Unix, Linux and Open Source
Dating from 1975, AUUG is a national body with chapters that organise
activities in most capital cities. AUUG's role is building a community
by connecting, supporting and promoting people with an interest in
computing - which we see as a key to achieving fitness for purpose and
value for money in Information and Communication Technology. Our
are professionals who care about:
<li>Unix operating systems from proprietary vendors</li>
<li>Linux, BSD and other Open Source operating systems</li>
<li>Open standards, specifically those which enable the free and
interchange of information</li>
<li>Open Source applications, regardless of the platform they run on</li>
<li>Related cool technology</li>
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<blockquote>AUUG Inc. <br/>
PO Box 7071 <br/>
Baulkham Hills BC NSW 2153 <br/>
Australia <br/>
Free Call 1800 625 655, Fax 02 8824 9522 <br/>
International: Tel +61 2 8824 9511, Fax +61 2 8824 9522 <br/>
E-mail: <a href=""></a> <br/>
ABN 15 645 981 718</blockquote>
<b>Press Contact</b>
Gordon Hubbard
Treasurer, AUUG Inc.
&lt;<a href=""></a>&gt;
Tel: 02 9659 9590
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