McBride: Even if court bids fail we will survive

McBride: Even if court bids fail we will survive

The SCO Group believes it will still have a viable business even if the company loses its courtroom battles, according to the vendor's CEO.

"When we started this and people asked me that question ['What happens if you don't win in court?']," Darl McBride said. "I said, 'As a company, we're screwed,'. Today, I don't believe that to be the case. We have got a cap on our legal expenses and our Unix business is profitable."

By January 2006, SCO will have spent close to $US40 million in legal fees, according to McBride.

However, once the company had made its January payment, it would then have paid in full for legal services in perpetuity, he said. At that point, SCO's balance sheet would no longer be weighed down by legal expenses.

Back in August last year, SCO announced it had worked out a deal with its lawyers to cap the company's legal costs at $US31 million. It has lawsuits in place against Novell, IBM, AutoZone and DaimlerChrysler.

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