Anderson looks for integrators

Anderson looks for integrators

Fibre optic manufacturer and distributor, Anderson Corporation, has announced a recruitment drive for Taiwanese vendor, Volktek.

Anderson - which signed with the media converter, fibre to the home and industrial Ethernet manufacturer earlier this year - is looking for established integrators to take both companies into the mainstream.

Until now, niche players Pacific Datacom and MM Electrical have worked to establish Volktek within the cabling market. However, Anderson managing director, Philip Anderson, said the distributor was now ready to expand into the corporate, government and SMB spaces.

"We have been concentrating our efforts within our current customer base until now," he said. "But we are now working towards broadening out."

This strategy would involve offering a competitive alternative to established players based around cost and extended warranties as well as product bundles and services, Anderson said. "This will put us in direct competition with Allied Telysyn in the media conversion space and Netgear and D-Link in general networking," he said. "We are also more attractive to users of Cisco's product where we can operate at the peripheral end of their space."

The company could now look to take a slice of the lucrative Telco-level networking market, Anderson said. With a national network of integrators under its belt, the distributor would also look at opportunities in the DWDM/CWDM [Dense Wave Division Multiplexing/Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing] market.

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