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Launching PROGNOSIS for Web Applications

  • 02 September, 2005 11:20

<p>Integrated Research (ASX:IRI), developers of PROGNOSIS performance management solutions, moves to capture a new high-growth market opportunity with the introduction of PROGNOSIS for Web Applications.</p>
<p>This new suite monitors availability and response times for web applications, which is vital for those companies who use the web to generate revenue or to facilitate critical business processes.</p>
<p>Unlike most web availability monitoring, which is conducted off-site by a third-party service provider, PROGNOSIS for Web Applications delivers real-time performance monitoring where it counts, at the host website. “With many web applications now becoming business critical the PROGNOSIS advantage is instant alerting of pending problems,” said John Dunne, product manager at Integrated Research. “Any breach of service level or website downtime is alerted immediately so problems can be rectified before they affect the business, rather than pondering a report well after the damage is done.”</p>
<p>Dunne continues “Obviously this proactive management would be an advantage for any website. However, sites such as online banking, stock trading, travel booking or online stores that serve as primary sources or avenues of income or customer contact would benefit most – every minute your site is down represents lost revenue and reputation.”</p>
<p>PROGNOSIS for Web Applications provides a real-time view of the actual customer experience. The suite consists of two product modules: PROGNOSIS Web Session Recorder and PROGNOSIS Web Session Emulator. These modules operate together to record and replay web user sessions at operator-defined frequencies. The response of the site is then tracked and any service level breaches or downtime are alerted. “Keystrokes, mouse clicks, button selection, basically any method used to navigate can be recorded and played back at whatever frequency you choose,” said Dunne. “Anyone who has used a third-party availability monitoring service that charges for each playback will immediately see the cost benefits of conducting their own availability monitoring.”</p>
<p>Alongside Integrated Research’s success in HP NonStop and IP telephony niches, this latest PROGNOSIS offering draws on its architectural differentiation and continues the company’s expansion into market pockets where high-availability is essential. “PROGNOSIS for Web Applications continues our precise performance monitoring tradition,” said Keith Andrews, CEO of Integrated Research. “We count thirty-five percent of all Global 1000 companies amongst our 600-plus existing customers. This product will appeal to these companies as well as the many enterprises whose web applications are now critical to the business and require proven real-time monitoring and alerting technology.”</p>
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<p>About PROGNOSIS and Integrated Research Ltd
Integrated Research - the people behind PROGNOSIS® - is a publicly listed company with a 17-year heritage of providing precise performance monitoring solutions for business-critical computing and IP telephony networks.</p>
<p>The company services customers in more than 50 countries through direct sales offices in the USA, Europe and Australia, and via a global channel-driven distribution network. Customers include the world’s largest bank, telecommunications company, stock exchange, computer hardware manufacturer and internet service provider.</p>
<p>Media Contact: Jody Lennon, Kinetics Pty Ltd, +61 2 9976 6611,</p>
<p>Belinda York, VP Global Marketing - Integrated Research , +61 2 9921 1565,</p>

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