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Kaspersky Labs Presents a New Generation of Anti-Spam Products

  • 28 July, 2004 09:05

<p>Kaspersky Labs presents a new generation of products specially developed to filter unsolicited correspondence in corporate networks and at ISP level: Kaspersky® Anti-Spam Enterprise Edition 2.0 and Kaspersky® Anti-Spam ISP Edition 2.0</p>
<p>Kaspersky Anti-Spam is a powerful anti-spam tool providing multi-tier filtration of email. Unparalleled linguistic analysis technology means that the solution is able to analyse message text, thus filtering out unsolicited correspondence.</p>
<p>Kaspersky Anti-Spam users are provided with updates to the linguistic signature database every two hours. This provides effective protection against even the newest spam epidemics. An integrated management module in the form of a web-interface offers system administrators the opportunity to change program parameters from any network node.</p>
<p>The new generation of Kaspersky Anti-Spam products includes a whole range of technological upgrades and significantly improve program functioning. As well as improved integration with a range of mail systems, the product includes a range of innovative technologies which successfully detect new spammer tricks: graphics, complex routing to dodge blacklist filtration, and HTML tricks such as invisible text, doubled letters etc.</p>
<p>Kaspersky Labs' latest product offering contains functional improvements for spam filtering, protecting users from the very latest spammer tricks. The implementation of new GSG2 technology allows Kaspersky Anti-Spam to reach new heights in detecting spam which contains graphics, a trick often used by spammers to avoid filters. GSG2 technology enables the solution to detect and filter even those unsanctioned messages which contain minimal graphics characteristic of spam, such as colour, additional full stops, border shading etc.</p>
<p>In answer to rapidly changing spammer tactics, the blacklisting function (RBL) has also been upgraded. RBLs list addresses which spammers are known to use for mass mailings. RBL enquiries are now processed significantly more quickly than in previous product versions. In addition to this, the improved RBL function provides the opportunity to analyse a chain of IP addresses, making it possible to track a spam message and identify its original source.</p>
<p>The changes made to Kaspersky Anti-Spam 2.0 have also significantly increased the convenience of integrating spam filtration into the client's IT infrastructure, as the solution is now better integrated with the most commonly used mail systems such as sendmail, qmail, CommuniGate Pro, Exim and Postfix. Consequently, there is no need for the client for mandatory Postfix installation; Kaspersky Anti-Spam can simply be installed into the client's current mail system.</p>
<p>"Recently, electronic mass-mailing has become more and more of a problem, particularly for those who receive a large volume of messages, such as corporate clients and ISPs. Their mail systems process an enormous volume of spam messages every day, and the amount of spam is on the rise. The unique technologies and extended functionality of the new generation Kaspersky Anti-Spam products make it possible for enterprises and users of online mail systems to rid themselves of the nuisance that is spam once and for all," said Denis Zenkin, Kaspersky Labs' Head of Corporate Communications.</p>

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