Vendors blend single sign-on, mainframe access

Vendors blend single sign-on, mainframe access

Identity vendors Trustgenix and IdentityForge said Monday they would integrate their software to allow users to incorporate mainframe identities into single sign-on projects.

The two have developed an adapter that will link their respective products -- Trustgenix's IdentityBridge, which is an identity federation server, and IndentityForge's LDAP Gateway, which translates Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) calls into mainframe commands and vice versa.

Users could either be authenticated at the mainframe and have their credentials passed into the network or onto a partner network, or authenticated elsewhere in the network and have those credentials used to access mainframe resources.

"From the Trustgenix point of view we think that increasingly the application of federated identity will be within the enterprise as much as between enterprises," says Atul Tulshibagwale, CEO of Trustgenix. "This allows a way for the enterprise to achieve single sign-on and to provide it to legacy resources. Conversely, a lot of users are based on the mainframe and it is important to provide those users with single sign-on within the enterprise."

Trustgenix's IdentityBridge supports all versions of both the Security Assertion Markup Language and the Liberty Alliance specifications. The software also has adapters for CA eTrust, Microsoft Active Directory, IBM Tivoli Access Manager, RSA ClearTrust and LDAP v3.

The Java-based IdentityForge LDAP Gateway translates LDAP protocol commands into native RACF, ACF2, Top Secret and AS/400 commands, and returns LDAP-formatted responses to requesting applications. It also supports communication over other protocols, including Open Database Connectivity, Directory Services Markup Language and Service Provisioning Markup Language.

"Our technology has been to extend the mainframe credentials and identity information and allow for the bi-directional support of identity management systems to the mainframe," says Michael Hrobat, vice president of sales for IdentityForge.

The adapter to link Trustgenix and IdentityForge is expected to be available by the end of the year. The software will be included for free with either product.

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