Platinum saves WAN and money with AscenLink

Platinum saves WAN and money with AscenLink

Australian-based funds management company Platinum Asset Management claims to have saved itself $3000 a month by deploying a WAN load balancing and bandwidth management product called AscenLink.

Platinum's main challenges were to save money on excess bandwidth fees while providing a non-stop e-commerce service to its customers.

"We wanted a device that could sit in front of our two firewalls and potentially provide basic firewall function as well as enable intelligent load balancing across the two links with a side benefit of fault tolerance," said Platinum's finance director Malcom Halstead.

"We also wanted the ability to add additional links in the future as traffic volumes dictated."

After evaluating all the options, Platinum's systems integrator, Prosis worked with Dovetail distribution to recommend AscenVision Technology's AscenLink 680 load balancer, which supports 15 separate connections with a maximum bandwidth of 60MB.

"We evaluated a number of products that either claimed to do what we wanted and were essentially firewalls through to boxes that were purely load balancers," said Craig Curtin from Prosis.

"Most of them were looking at load balancing incoming traffic, not outgoing traffic and could not handle two different ISPs with non-portable IP addressing. AscenLink was the only product we found that could address all our needs," he said.

As a result Platinum claims the savings will produce a return on investment in six months.

The company also claims the product has improved Internet stability, making staff more productive.

AscenLink is an edge server appliance normally located at the boundary of a LAN and WAN and is available in four models. The entry-level version costs around $5500 and allows three WAN links at 10Mbps with four 10/100 Base-TX ports. The top-end large enterprise version allows 40 WAN links at unlimited bandwidth with two 10/100 Base-TX ports, three 10/100/1000 Base-TX ports and one 1000/Base-SX port, for $42,000.

Dovetail are currently the only Australian distributors of AscenLink, but discussions with other potential distributors are underway.

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