Dicker Data earmarks shares for resellers

Dicker Data earmarks shares for resellers


Dicker Data is looking to recruit resellers for its plans to list on the Australian Stock Exchange during the next 12 months.

Company director, David Dicker, said he would prefer to underwrite as much of the deal as possible through the distributor's reseller network.

Accountants would then be asked to bridge any gap.

"The risk gets spread that way and it would be good to give our dealers the option of buying shares," he said. "We are a profitable company so it isn't as if they would be buying into a dead duck."

Dicker estimated he would need about 500 stakeholders willing to invest $2000 each and said the distributor could guarantee a 10 per cent return on investment during the first year.

A public listing had been on the agenda for some time, he said, but had been left on the back-burner after a profit slump in the financial year ending June 2004.

"I wanted to see our end of financial year figures this time around because our profits had fallen away badly in the year before," he said. "But the numbers this time around have been better than I hoped."

Listing would make the distributor more viable in the market, according to Dicker, who dismissed suggestions it would bring accountability headaches.

"The ATO considers us a large proprietary and we already have to do some amount of reporting with them," he said. "Not much will change."

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