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Proactive scanning - Norman's "Sandox" detects new Worms

  • 29 July, 2004 14:03

<p>Press release,
27 July 2004
Norman Data Defense Systems</p>
<p>Norman’s SandBox technology
protects against new virus outbreaks</p>
<p>The latest outbreaks of MyDoom.L and Bagle.AH were instantly detected and stopped by Norman’s SandBox technology allowing Norman customers to enjoy immediate and effective protection when the worms attacked.
The most recent virus, MyDoom.L, appeared Monday and caused severe delays for Internet search engines, such as Goggle, Lycos and Yahoo. The virus worm spreads via e-mail attachments, pretending to come from the PC user’s Internet provider.
When run, the worm can open a back door on the infected computer, making the computer potentially vulnerable to hackers. The virus uses e-mail addresses found on the computer to mail itself to other users, making the mail appear to originate from the attacked computer domain.
Norman’s SandBox technology is the world’s leading technology in pro-active virus protection. Norman SandBox monitors all files trying to enter the computer through e-mail or on-line connections. Should a file prove to be suspicious, it will be analysed, and if found to contain malicious code it will be isolated and denied access to the computer.
Mark Karpinski, managing director of Capital security Solutions (Norman’s Australasian distributor), said: “The two major virus outbreaks we have seen over the last week demonstrated how effective and beneficial Norman’s new technological is, customers can rest assured the product is protecting their systems even against unknown viruses. Norman will continue to develop its state of the art SandBox technology and continue to lead the field in proactive virus detection.” Updated definition files to detect and remove the viruses using conventional technology were available from Norman within minutes of the outbreaks.
Contact information
Mark Karpinski Managing Director, Capital security Solutions,
Telephone +613 9801 0100, Facsimile +613 9801 0800
E-mail: WEB:</p>
<p>About Norman ASA</p>
<p>Norman ASA is one of the world’s leading companies within the field of information security. Norman offers high-quality products and services within the areas of virus control, personal firewall, encryption, SPAM prevention, data recovery, data erasure and computer forensic. Today there are more than 15 million users of the company’s products worldwide. Norman has 230 employees and is represented by subsidiaries and strategic alliances in USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. The company’s headquarter is based in Norway, and it has a main listing on Oslo Stock Exchange (tic NOR).</p>

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