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Australian Businesses Should Not Ignore Mobile Technology Security, Recommends IDC

  • 01 August, 2005 11:33

<p>NORTH SYDNEY, August 1st, 2005 – IDC estimates that only one in three organisations in Australia have deployed an enterprise mobility solution.</p>
<p>So what’s keeping CIOs from cutting the cable and mobilising their workforce? According to the latest IDC end-user ITEyewitness report titled "Securing your mobile workforce", the fear of exposing corporate data to unauthorised people is the biggest inhibitor to enterprise mobility.</p>
<p>With benefits such as enhanced employee efficiency, greater overall business productivity and improved customer service and satisfaction, one would expect organisations to rush towards mobilising their workforce. The continued advances in mobile technologies from improved wireless networks to a broader range of mobile devices and enterprise software solutions are motivating companies to seriously consider how to best implement mobile and wireless communications within the enterprise.</p>
<p>As more data is stored on mobile devices and more employees are able to access corporate systems through a variety of devices and networks, the chances of a security breach intensifies.</p>
<p>"Having a security policy defined for the use of mobile devices is crucial. As viruses, hackers and spam increasingly threaten and bombard these highly transportable devices, organisations are opening up the ability for undesirable access to critical systems and data. You don't need to resort to a "mobile handcuff", but you do need to implement the right solution to protect your corporate data", said Catherin Bennett, Director I.T. Management Programme in Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>Furthermore, government and industry regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes – Oxley are putting unprecedented pressure on organisations handling sensitive or personal information.</p>
<p>"Policy and compliance management is driving organisations to consider security as a key piece in the mobility puzzle" said Vipul Bhargava, I.T. Analyst, IDC I.T. Management Programme in Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>The recent advancements in mobility technology provide a number of solutions in the marketplace that can help organisations mobilise their workforce, while ensuring the safety of corporate data. Having realised organisations’ concerns around security, vendors are now ensuring that they build adequate security into their product, or partner with security vendors to provide an enterprise mobility solution.</p>
<p>IDC concludes that organisations looking at enterprise mobility need to develop a comprehensive mobility strategy that complies with the overall security requirements of the company and aligns to business needs.</p>
<p>The report provides insights into the various levels of security of a typical enterprise mobility solution. It also covers information about mobile solutions currently available from key players and the level of security they provide. A case study and recommendations on deployment are also provided to aid organisations looking to embrace mobility.</p>
<p>To purchase this study, please contact Catherin Bennett on phone 02-9925-2259 or email</p>
IDC's "Framework for a Competitive Edge" event in Sydney on the 2nd August 05 at Star City, will include case study presentations and expert advice from IDC, Nokia, Avaya, Lenovo, Optus, Blackberry-RIM, Ericsson &amp; Hutchinson. This event will help CIOs understand the importance of adopting a mobile strategy in today's business environment. For further information about this event or media passes please contact Belinda Johnson on phone 02-9925-2236 or email or visit</p>
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