Whats new from StorageTek, BakBone, Exabyte, Adaptec, Falconstar and Commvault

Whats new from StorageTek, BakBone, Exabyte, Adaptec, Falconstar and Commvault

StorageTek FlexLine 600

The StorageTek FlexLine 600 Series storage system is a critical piece of the company's disk-to-disk-to-tape backup strategy. It recently announced its IntelliStore archive solution using FlexLine 600 Series as its internal disk platform. The system offers greater time between failures compared to conventional SATA-based architectures due to features such as advanced media error handling and ability to balance work loads. The FlexLine 600 storage system allows customers to reclaim primary storage capacity at a significant cost savings without sacrificing performance - critical for an effective data protection solution. The storage system can be deployed in traditional disk-to-disk backup because of its ease of management and the fact it leverages the latest advances in SATA media to store copies. It can also be the cornerstone for disk-to-disk-to-tape backup as a tape buffer, where both the disk and tape are used to store data protection copies. Other features include storage classes, RAID 6 protection and over-subscription. The product is distributed by ACA Pacific. RRP: From $62,000

BakBone NetVault

BakBone Software's new version of NetVault offers server-level Mac OS X Server V10.4 support. The technology integrates three comprehensive backup and recovery solutions for SMB companies, data centres, education and digital media users who have data protection challenges. It gives Apple users of X serve G4 and G5, X serve RAID and Xsan products an extra measure of data protection. The NetVault for Mac OS X Server with native Mac interface, backs up heterogeneous NetVault clients to a Mac OS X Tiger server, manages applications such as digital audio and video editing with VDL disk to disk backup, scales storage by adding more clients and supports Oracle RMAN 10G. The product is distributed by DataStor and T Data. RRP: From $995

Exabyte Magnum 1x7

The Exabyte Magnum 1x7 LTO Autoloader is available with third generation IBM LTO Ultrium tape drive technology. It is suitable for all networks and operating systems including the new Apple. The Magnum Autoloader is designed for SMB users who need 'set and forget' automation for remote or small offices for backup, and for all business users archiving direct from disk or from new disk-to-disk-to-tape systems. It can also be drive updated in the field. The new LTO 3 drive and seven cartridges in the Autoloader give a data transfer speed of up to 576Gbph and a capacity of up to 5.6TB in a 2U form factor. The product is distributed by DataStor, T Data and ACA Pacific. RRP: $11,000

Adaptec Snap Server 4500

The new version of Adaptec's Snap Server 4500 features increased capacity and processing speed, plus a range of software to enhance its interoperability and functionality in compliance and archiving situations. Supporting file (NAS) and block (SAN) situations, it offers a 1.6TB base configuration with up to 13.6TB possible using expansion modules. The 4500 comes with software including snapshot capability, BakBone NetVault Workgroup edition for backup applications and virtual disk library (VDL) functions as well as client and server imaging software from Symantec. While supporting traditional NAS service, the Snap Server 4500 is also ideal for IP SAN, departmental storage, near-line storage, disk to disk backup and remote office servers. The product is distributed by ACA Pacific, Lan 1 and Ingram Micro. RRP: From $9600

FalconStor IPStor WORMLock

FalconStor's IPStor WORMLock appliance provides a cost-effective means for helping companies achieve compliance. It allows data archiving and retrieval based on a 'write once, read many' (WORM) paradigm using existing storage, offering an alternative to optical storage and proprietary specialised disk arrays. A retention time policy can be configured for each WORMLock volume. Files are locked for the prescribed duration, after which they can be unlocked. To enforce data integrity, it optionally attaches a hidden digital signature to identify each file and it performs periodic checks to detect any malicious attempt to alter file contents. The product is distributed by IDS-G, T Data and FalconStor. RRP: From $6000

Commvault QiNetix DataArchiver

CommVault's QiNetix DataArchiver offers data management and accessibility for archived Microsoft Exchange email messages and attachments that are preserved for regulatory data retention compliance. It uses indexing and data movement capabilities to ensure fixed data is protected against alteration or loss. Users can enforce policy-based actions across the entire archive so data can be automatically retained, managed and retrieved. Media management automates the storage process and allows for fast data retrieval, the company said. To add an extra level of protection, DataArchiver provides disaster recovery redundancy with single or mixed media formats. The product is distributed by ACA Pacific, Digital Tape Solutions, Independent Data Solutions Group and Hitachi Data Systems. RRP: From $7900

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