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Compuware Extends Java Development Automation

  • 25 July, 2005 11:29

<p>Latest Version of Compuware's Enterprise Java Development Solution Bridges the Gap Between IT and the Business, Enables Faster Delivery of High Quality Applications</p>
<p>Sydney, 25 July 2005 --Compuware Corporation today released Compuware OptimalJ 4.0, unveiling new process-modelling functionality and announcing support for the Eclipse open source development platform. The enhancements to OptimalJ 4.0, including a new process model, make it possible for IT organisations to more quickly and productively deliver higher quality enterprise Java applications to the business.</p>
<p>"Enterprise application developers are constantly looking for ways to improve productivity, quality and consistency of code," stated Carl Zetie, Vice President, Forrester Research, in the January 2005 Forrester Research report, Pattern-Based Development Appeal. "The newer approach of using patterns to kick-start designs or code is proving more pragmatic and, consequently, is garnering increasing attention and adoption."</p>
<p>Compuware OptimalJ is the centrepiece of Compuware's advanced development solution that combines proven methodology, leading technology and professional services to enable Java development teams to rapidly deliver service-oriented applications. With this release, Compuware continues to extend OptimalJ's automation capabilities and incorporate role-based functionality that enables the entire development team to implement applications using a pragmatic Model Driven Architecture (MDA) approach.</p>
<p>Extending Pragmatic MDA to the Entire Development Team
OptimalJ 4.0 includes:</p>
<p>· New Process-oriented Development Functionality--OptimalJ 4.0 takes MDA to a new level by introducing a process model based on the UML 2.0 Activity Diagram. Developers use the new process model to define the flow of an application, which is then automatically transformed into J2EE application components. As a result, even more of an application can now be generated by OptimalJ, enabling a dramatic improvement of both the productivity of the development team and the quality of the applications they deliver.</p>
<p>· Pattern Plaza--To provide developers with a resource for relevant and accurate information as well as a forum for collaboration and knowledge sharing, Compuware will launch Pattern Plaza concurrently with OptimalJ 4.0. A new online exchange, Pattern Plaza will enable architects to share OptimalJ transformation patterns and collaborate on implementation improvements.</p>
<p>· New Developer Edition for Eclipse--With the release of OptimalJ 4.0, Compuware announces its plan to bring the productivity benefits of pragmatic MDA to Eclipse, the fastest-growing Java framework. As the first step in the company's strategy to fully support the Eclipse platform, Compuware OptimalJ now includes a new Developer Edition for Eclipse. All future OptimalJ editions will be built on the Eclipse platform.</p>
<p>"We are thrilled that Compuware has announced Eclipse support for OptimalJ, and we believe that our growing developer community will be very pleased to have access to such a robust, advanced tool," said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation. "The participation and innovation of leading tools vendors such as Compuware has fuelled the Eclipse project's phenomenal growth."</p>
<p>"The way development organisations build software is changing. As the speed of business accelerates, development teams are realising that it is impossible to cling to approaches that involve hand-coded applications with fixed requirements and expensive, year-long project timelines," said Peter Pritchard, Regional Marketing Director, Compuware Asia Pacific.</p>
<p>"Compuware OptimalJ makes the agility, speed and quality promises of models and patterns a reality through a pragmatic implementation of MDA, helping development teams become highly efficient application delivery organisations," ," said Franco Flore, Product Manager – Java Development, Compuware Asia Pacific.</p>
<p>Compuware OptimalJ 4.0 Pricing and Availability
OptimalJ 4.0 is now available in three editions:</p>
<p>OptimalJ 4.0 Developer Edition: Licenses start at AUD$ 600 per named developer and provides support to developers responsible for both extending applications built by OptimalJ Architecture and Professional Editions and maintaining existing Java applications within the popular Eclipse or IntelliJ IDE.</p>
<p>OptimalJ 4.0 Professional Edition: Licenses start at AUD$10,225 per named developer and provides foundational support for Model Driven Pattern Based development, including UML analysis and design modelling. These models are then used as input to OptimalJ’s MDA-based transformation processes to facilitate creation of fully functional J2EE components. An integrated deployment environment is also included, as well as a JUnit-based model driven testing capability.</p>
<p>OptimalJ 4.0 Architecture Edition: Licenses start at AUD$30,625 per named architect, and includes all the features of Professional Edition plus support for creating, extending, applying and exchanging software design patterns using the OptimalJ pattern editor. This edition flexibly allows architects to implement their own standards and guidelines.</p>
<p>Compuware Corporation
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