Trend Micro offers Kelkea-based services

Trend Micro offers Kelkea-based services

Trend Micro this week announced an anti-spam offering based on the reputation services of Kelkea, which it acquired in June.

Trend Micro's Network Anti-Spam Service blocks 40 percent to 80 percent of the e-mail sent by suspicious IP addresses from entering an organization, according to company officials. The services are based on the Trend Micro Threat Prevention Network that monitors Internet traffic and flags IP addresses that show behavior that could indicate spam activity, such as sending hundreds of thousands of messages at once.

By blocking e-mail coming from such IP addresses, the Anti-Spam Services help lighten the load of anti-spam filters residing on an organization's e-mail gateway, therefore boosting performance, according to officials.

The offering comprises two services. The Trend Micro RBL+ Service scans lists of known open relays, open proxies, black holes and dial-up users looking for suspect IP addresses. It is priced at US$1.29 per seat per year for 1,000 seats.

The second service, Trend Micro's Network Anti-Spam Service, is a dynamic list generated by a program that monitors the Internet for signs of compromised, or 'zombie,' PCs that generate the vast majority of spam. It is priced at US$3.87 per seat per year for 1,000 seats.

The services are available now. Trend Micro officials say the company also plans to leverage Kelkea's reputation services to help customers protect against phishing and other Internet-related threats.

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