Spectrum wins drive Cabletron sales

Spectrum wins drive Cabletron sales

Australian resellers have helped Cabletron ride a 286 per cent growth wave during the first half of its 1997/98 fiscal year, according to the networking vendor's managing director, Ian Fewtrell.

Fewtrell revealed this week that sales of Cabletron's Spectrum network management suite had skyrocketed during this period, accounting for 30 per cent of Cabletron's overall growth for the first half of its fiscal year.

And Fewtrell hinted at better things to come for Cabletron's Spectrum channel partners. At the time of publication, Fewtrell claimed that Cabletron was on the verge of signing a handful of multimillion dollar networking deals with Australian organisations looking to deploy Spectrum.

Fewtrell was also quick to sing the praises of Cabletron's latest product, a Layer 4-based SmartSwitch router. He said the SmartSwitch's base model, which delivers 16 million packets/sec throughput over a 16Gbps full duplex fabric, includes an 8-slot chassis with redundant power and controller modules, full wide-speed routing of IP and IPX, along with Layer 4 processing with packet prioritisation for both IP and IPX. The chassis can also be upgraded to run 14 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 56, 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports.

And as a special offer from Cabletron, the SmartSwitch Router will also be sold as a package that is priced at $23,000 for end users - an approximate 55 per cent saving on the product's original pricing. The package includes the SmartSwitch base module with 16, 10/100 Ethernet ports and will be bundled later this year with WAN and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) interfaces.

Fewtrell confirmed that Australian resellers would not be left out in the cold when it comes to selling the SmartSwitch Router bundle, as they too will be offered "slightly better" pricing to compensate for any margin squeeze.

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