What's new from APC, IBM, ImageMASSter, Microsft, Panasonic and HP

What's new from APC, IBM, ImageMASSter, Microsft, Panasonic and HP

APC Biometric Password Manager

Designed to reduce growing security concerns, the Biometric Password Manager provides users with a secure way to manage and access multiple security phrases and codes. The product biometrically identifies users and gives them access to password protected applications and websites. As opposed to committing varied password lists to memory, this device uses the finger as a password. It eliminates paper-based records of email, online banking and shopping account passwords. The Biometric Password Manager includes file and folder encryption as well as OmniPass authentication software for file and folder encryption. The device can keep out unauthorised users and is equipped with Authentec TruePrint sensor technology. Aimed at the small business and SOHO markets, the product enables registration of multiple users - enrolment of up to 20 individual fingerprints. It offers user switching for Windows XP and can change between registered user' desktops. The product is designed for accurate verification and allows for a stable placement and accurate finger verification. The PC compatible OmniPass authentication software provides compatibility for Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP. The product is distributed in Australia by Ingram Micro and Express Data.

RRP: $79.99

IBM ThinkPad X41

Building on trends in biometric adoption, identity verification costs and government compliance, IBM has released the ThinkPad X41 ultra portable notebook with a built-in fingerprint reader. IBM also announced new ThinkPad software that automatically performs a complete system hardware check and installs the latest drivers, BIOS, and options required for peak performance. The X41 combines advanced biometric capabilities with an ultra portable design and extended battery life. Devoid of passwords that can be stolen, lost or misplaced, fingerprint identification helps reduce the number of helpdesk calls and costs associated with password resets and system lockouts. The product is distributed in Australia by: Ingram Micro and IT Wholesale.

RRP: $3499

ImageMASSter Solo-3 Forensic

Designed for forensic applications, the ImageMASSter Solo-III Forensics system is a lightweight, portable handheld, high-speed data acquisition device. It has a biometric fingerprint reader to prevent unauthorised access to the device when it is in use in non-secure areas. A suspect's data can be seized at speeds exceeding three gigabytes per minute and from an unopened PC using the its direct drive to drive interface or using an external Firewire/USB interface. Using on the fly hashing capabilities, the transferred data can be guaranteed to be an exact replica of the suspect's data without modification, re-arrangement or corruption, according to the company. The IMSOLO-III Forensics unit supports seizing from IDE, Serial ATA and SCSI hard disk drives, including ATA compatible solid state devices. The product is distributed in Australia by Frontier Solutions & Strategies.

RRP: $2495

Microsoft Fingerprint Reader

Microsoft Australia has introduced its first hardware products with fingerprint recognition technology - a desktop combination and a standalone fingerprint reader - designed to deliver added convenience by replacing frequently used passwords with the user's fingerprint. The products operate on Windows-based PCs and use a standard USB connection.

The desktop ships with DigitalPersona Password Manager software, IntelliType Pro keyboard software for key programmability and IntelliPoint mouse software, which is necessary for full functionality of the scroll wheel with Tilt Wheel Technology and programmable buttons. The Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader includes a wired keyboard, Wireless Optical Mouse and receiver. The Fingerprint Reader is also sold separately as a standalone device. It replaces user names and passwords with the user's unique fingerprint. The product is distributed in Australia by Ingram Micro, Express Data and Synnex.

RRP: Microsoft Optical Desktop with Fingerprint Reader and Fingerprint Reader cost $199.95 and $99.95, respectively.

Panasonic BMET300

The Panasonic BMET300 Iris Scanner features a built-in CCTV camera, complete with wiegand output for direct connection to Access Control systems. The technology relies on the complex and intricate patterns in the iris of the eye, which are unique to each individual. With a specialised Panasonic video camera, a detailed close-up of the iris of each authorised person is captured into the system. The Biometric software then makes a template or 'map' of each person's iris pattern, and stores it in the system, the company said.

The system is compliant with worldwide standards, including CENELEC, (EN 60825-1) and ANSI RP-27.1-96. Compared to conventional techniques such as ID cards, keys, and passwords, the Panasonic iris recognition system can accommodate larger numbers of personnel as your needs grow. The product is distributed in Australia by Electronic Development Sales. RRP: $9800 per unit plus software.

HP ProtectTools Security Manager

HP ProtectTools Security Manager comes standard with all HP notebooks and can be used as a biometric option. For example, a fingerprint scanner can be connected to the HP notebook and the software is configured to use this security device. The software offers a single client console that unifies security capabilities under one common user interface. The modular architecture of the software enables add-on modules to be selectively installed by the end user or IT administrator. The software allows customers to work with the BIOS to enable optional smart card authentication in a pre-boot environment, and to configure separate smart cards for an administrator and a user. Credential Manager for ProtectTools also acts as a personal password valut that makes accessing protected information more secure. It provides enhanced protection against unauthorised access to a notebook, desktop or workstation, including alternatives to passwords when logging on to Microsoft Windors and single sign-on capability that automatically remembers credentials for websites, and protected network resources. The product is distributed in Australia by Synnex and Ingram Micro.

RRP: This product is bundled with the notebook.

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