ChannelWorx signs on for Bigfix security

ChannelWorx signs on for Bigfix security

Networking and security distributor, Channelworx, has added Bigfix to its portfolio. The US vendor's Enterprise Suite is a security configuration management tool aimed at organisations with more than 1000 seats.

It can assess all the servers, PCs, notebooks and handheld devices within an organisation to make sure they are all running contemporary versions of the operating system, antivirus software or SSL client, for example.

"It's really an enhanced version of patch management that also manages mobile and endpoint devices," Channelworx managing director, Scott Lidgett, said. "People are all over the place these days and companies run the risk that security is not up to date."

The Bigfix product also enables a full asset discovery for all devices to identify weak links in the security network. These can then be addressed by pushing out the latest versions of the standard operating environment. It can also track software licensing requirements and alert an organisation if it has exceeded its user base.

"The industry has moved on from patch management and this is a much more complete security play," Lidgett said. "At the end of the day, policies are useless if they are not being adhered to.

"Resellers can use this tool to effectively manage a customer environment instead of having an engineer checking each individual machine. Cost of ownership and maintenance is a huge issue."

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