Macrovision tool automates software delivery

Macrovision tool automates software delivery

Macrovision on Monday delivered software that helps IT administrators simplify the process of automating the simultaneous installation and configuration of multiple software products that are part of a complex environment.

The FlexNet Publisher Installation Module, which is based on IBM's self-managing autonomic Solution Installation technology, is designed to cut down the amount of manual effort needed to install and configure solutions made up of applications, operating systems, databases, and middleware that both producers of software and their customers deal with.

"Think about the problem of installing 10 different products that have to be configured together and that have their own dependencies with each other. It can expensive and real nasty real fast," said Bob Corrigan, manager for Installation Solutions with Macrovision.

"But this tool allows the software publisher to create a customized installation where they can describe what products they want laid down, what their requirements are between them and create a whole user experience."

IBM officials said the product, the result of a two-year development effort between Big Blue and Macrovision, is a direct response to corporate administrators who have been longing for a simpler way to more efficiently install and manage more complex software environments.

"We have been increasingly recognizing that self-managing automated software installations are becoming critical for establishing more efficiency and value for software companies and their customers," said David Bartlett, vice president of Autonomic Computing at IBM.

Based on its own research, IBM claims that 28 percent of all application failures can be traced to installation and configuration errors introduced by manual processes.

Besides reducing time and costs associated with multiproduct installations and managing dependencies among components, the FlexNet Publisher Installation Module also serves to improve user productivity through its installation capabilities, thereby decreasing the time needed to recoup the benefits of the investment, company officials contend.

Officials from both companies said they have signed deals with a number of large software vendors and their users, including SAS.

More information about the new offering can be seen at

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