Intel, Nokia team up for mobile WiMax

Intel, Nokia team up for mobile WiMax

Intel and Nokia have teamed up to promote an upcoming mobile version of the WiMax wireless networking standard.

Intel and Nokia have teamed up to back the development of mobile WiMax technology, and will work together to see that the technology is standardized soon, the companies said Friday.

WiMax, part of the IEEE's (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.'s) 802.16 standard, is a wide-area wireless networking technology that promises to deliver wireless broadband access over a range significantly greater than that of IEEE 802.11 WLAN (wireless LAN) technology, commonly known as Wi-Fi.

Cooperation between Nokia and Intel will focus on IEEE 802.16e, a mobile version of the technology that will offer broadband Internet access to users on the move. This standard is currently under development. Intel and Nokia expect the standard to be finalized next year, they said.

A fixed-wireless version of WiMax, called 802.16a, was finalized in January 2003.

Under terms of the agreement announced Friday, Nokia and Intel will work together on issues related to the development of mobile WiMax clients and network infrastructure, and promote the technology among operators and service providers. The companies plan to jointly demonstrate mobile WiMax technology to service providers as a data service that complements existing 3G networks, the statement said.

Both Nokia and Intel are members of the WiMax Forum, an industry group created to promote the adoption of the technology and to certify the interoperability of WiMax-based devices.

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