StorageTek says it's business as usual

StorageTek says it's business as usual

In the wake of its $US4.1 billion acquisition by Sun Microsystems, its business as usual for local StorageTek customers, Philip Belcher managing director said at the launch of the company's latest archiving solution yesterday.

"In the local market we have a presence in many of the [larger] organizations, and so does Sun."

Belcher said the market will continue to deal with the two companies separately, and Storagtek's 150 staff across Australia and New Zealand will remain.

"It's a great opportunity for both organizations," he said. "StorageTek doesn't do anything other than storage [so] there is very little in the way of overlap." Belcher added that StorageTek and Sun have a history of working collaboratively and a strong OEM relationship.

"Morale is unchanged," he said. "We've done good things together."

Announcing the global release of StorageTek's IntelliStore archiving solution, marketing manager Joan Tunstall, said it represents the "seamless integration of disk and tape."

"IntelliStore is ILM [information lifecycle management] in a box," Tunstall said. "Customers can bring in various forms of archives [and] it gives them the ability to transition to newer forms of storage."

Tunstall said as many as 76 percent of customers cite manageability as the most concerning aspect of archiving, closely followed by cost at 73 percent. When asked about the future of tape as a storage medium, Belcher said the ongoing costs of housing tape systems is still less than disk, and is best suited for information that does not require rapid access.

On the recent Citigroup-UPS debacle where data on some four million customers stored on tape was lost in transit, Belcher said any use of IT involves a process so "you can't expect a technology to address a process problem."

"The fact that they [Citigroup, UPS] lost the tapes is not necessarily a technology problem," he said.

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