Resellers face Web-to-host connectivity dilemma

Resellers face Web-to-host connectivity dilemma


Despite the fact that PC-to-host connectivity is still providing gangbuster business for Esker, the vendor has its eyes firmly set on the rapidly emerging Web-to-host behemoth.

But like the uptake of any new technology, some of Esker's existing resellers are struggling to come to terms with this new obstacle and are dividing their loyalties between the converging markets.

According to Lee Hawksley, Esker's Asia-Pacific general manager, a number of the vendor's smaller reseller and channel partners have understandably been hesitant to adopt the new Web-connect- ivity direction.

"Many of our existing partners have until now operated largely in small business environments where systems are not as complex," Hawksley said.

"But now that we have decided to expand in order to attract larger resellers and systems integrators that are adept at handling complex accounts, some small partners have reached a crossroads."

Hawksley explained that Esker is endeavouring to de- velop migration packages for those PC-to-host connectivity zealots, but would not be disappointed if they were not willing to embrace a Web-oriented world just yet.

"It is difficult for these partners to forgo their existing sales strategies of leading with in-house designed applications and start using Esker's connectivity suite as their front-end sales pitch," Hawksley accepted.

"For most VARs their applications are the most important thing in the world. They should quite rightly stick up for what they know because that is where they have made their money."

However, Hawksley tempered his empathy for Esker's small resellers by suggesting the Web-to-host market "offers much more opportunity.

"If you consider entry-level revenues for PC-to-host business these days you would struggle to better $100 a seat. However, Web-to-host entry-level solutions start at around $10,000," he claimed.

"More and more customers are running complex environments that demand a mixture of both technologies. It's up to our resellers to decide which they are more comfortable with."

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