MSI offers graphics card for AGP, PCI Express

MSI offers graphics card for AGP, PCI Express

Micro-Star will soon ship a graphics card that supports both AGP and PCI Express, helping users save money.

Taiwan's Micro-Star International showed off a PC graphics card at Computex capable of being used with two popular interfaces, PCI Express (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) and AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port), in order to help users save money.

Micro-Star's Geminium VIII graphics card supports full-speed AGP and PCI Express thanks to two interfaces, the part of the card that plugs into a computer's motherboard.

Micro-Star is targeting the card at people who have or are building AGP-based systems now and plan to upgrade to PCI Express at some point in the future.

"Some people just want to upgrade part of their computer, and that's where our card works best," said Ryan Hung, a senior product engineer at Micro-Star.

"If they want better graphics, first they can use AGP. When they trade in for a new system that runs PCI Express, they can keep the same graphics card," he said.

The Geminium VIII graphics card the company showed off at Computex carried an ATI Technologies, Radeon X 800 XL Power graphics processing chip. Micro-Star will begin shipping the card in two to three weeks. Pricing was not available.

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