Micro-Star shows off Tai Chi robot

Micro-Star shows off Tai Chi robot

Taiwan's Micro-Star International is showing off a small robot at Computex capable of performing Kung Fu moves.

Micro-Star International, one of Taiwan's big four motherboard makers, is displaying a two-legged robot that can perform, albeit slowly, certain Tai Chi and Kung Fu moves at Computex in Taipei. It can also walk, stand on one leg, and kick a soccer ball.

Dubbed the E2R-H3 (Education and Entertainment Robot Humanoid 3), Micro-Star says it's looking for investors to further develop the 34 centimeter-tall robot into a useful household item. Under its current development, E2R-H3 can operate for 120 minutes before it needs to be recharged, can be controlled through a PC via wireless Bluetooth technology, and has the ability to take oral instructions courtesy of voice recognition software by Microsoft.

"We can't use the voice recognition function in (the Computex exhibition hall) because it's too noisy," said Morgan Wu, head of the Micro-Star development team that built E2R-H3. He controlled the robot through a PC terminal wired to the back of the robot, and a display behind E2R-H3 showed its next action before it actually moved.

The robot's head is a small PC camera, and Wu said it carried face recognition software so it would know and respond to its owner.

E2R-H3 weighs 2.1 kilograms.

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