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MailGuard launches WebGuard® - no, not big brother

  • 02 June, 2005 14:00

<p>MailGuard, Australia’s first and leading provider of outsourced email anti-virus, anti-spam, content filtering and email storage solutions for the business market, launched its new service, WebGuard, at CEBIT lat week.</p>
<p>Without the need for investment in hardware, software, management or systems, WebGuard offers a means of protecting companies from Web-based dangers, such as viruses retrieved from Web-based mail systems.</p>
<p>“WebGuard allows organisations to control what their people can browse, download, and when; whilst keeping the organisation safe from web viruses, junk, and offensive downloads or browsing activity,” said Andrew Johnson, MailGuard’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Fundamentally, our service gives all companies the ability to protect all browsing from viruses, while also developing logs of company-wide browsing activity.”</p>
<p>Johnson explained that WebGuard eliminates web browsing (deliberate or inadvertent) abuse, offensive or pornographic browsing and time wasting. WebGuard is managed through a secure web console, using content filtering rules and lists of sites to be allowed or blocked. Regular reports and configurable alerts allow the administrator to be notified of excessive or inappropriate use.</p>
<p>MailGuard has invested heavily in the development of WebGuard and has been piloting the service since late last year. WebGuard’s anti-virus software is updated every 10 minutes.</p>
<p>Roger Evans, IT Manager at Willow Ware Australia Pty Ltd, the iconic 100 plus year old Australian family owned company and manufacturer of coolers, storage, refuse and bake ware, has been trialling Web Guard and assisting in its development for the last seven months.</p>
<p>“We are an IT team of two [plus some outside contractors] looking after the requirements of over 50 users, in Melbourne and interstate offices. Having a solid appreciation of the importance of IT security needs for Willow, but not having the luxury of time or personnel on our side, WebGuard gives me peace of mind and flexibility,” said Evans. “Knowing no viruses are being downloaded means I can focus on other areas of business processes along with my technical and reporting responsibilities.</p>
<p>“The service has given us an opportunity to manage what our users are actually doing without being big brother. We simply use the console to manage access to the web by user, file types, key words and sites by individual, group or company wide rules as required. IT Governance and best practices are in the forefront of the company’s and end users’ best interest, so WebGuard assists in the management of these important practices as well as providing some peace of mind for HR related issues.”</p>
<p>Evans has also gained financially by reducing his company’s data communications costs. WebGuard’s detailed logs of who has browsed what and when and the hourly/daily/weekly/monthly reports of top users and most popular sites, including summary reports of how much, and how long users are browsing, assists in planning and implementing web access and usage policies for Willow.</p>
<p>Since the company’s formation in June 2001 MailGuard has sustained a 100 per cent yearly growth rate in both its revenue and client base. It is projecting similar results for, at least, the next four years.</p>
<p>“It was in realising the need for a solution to spam, hackers and other internet-based menaces that was both easy to manage and low in cost, that we developed a range of services that help to secure email with the client barely lifting a finger,” concluded Johnson. “We also learnt along the way that even organisations with the dollars and human resources to spend in terms of deploying a solution, the constant need to keep it up to date and maintained is all too hard.”
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About MailGuard®
MailGuard is a 100% Australian owned and operated company focusing solely on protecting businesses from viruses, spam and other unwanted emails without any user management requirements. The company delivers a cost-effective, effortless and seamless solution that eliminates viruses, spam and unwanted mail at the internet before entering their clients’ network.</p>
<p>MailGuard’s SafeGuard® provides an outsourced business email archival solution that centralises all email sent and received by our clients without any hardware, software or installation. MailGuard’s WebGuard® provides a business control to better manage browsing, downloads; whilst keeping the organisation safe from web viruses, junk, and offensive downloads or browsing activity.</p>
<p>MailGuard requires a minimal initial investment and monthly fee per mailbox. Customers can be fully protected utilising the most sophisticated triple anti-virus/anti-spam solution available through MailGuard within 24 hours. Today, MailGuard protects over 30,000 people against viruses, spam, mail bomb/email denial of service attacks and hackers as well as providing email filtering/management and usage statistics.</p>
<p>MailGuard clients in Australia include Melbourne Zoo, Asian Pacific Building Corporation, Australian Football League, Cubit Media Research, Multiplex Constructions, Porsche Cars Australia, Bakers Delight, Australian Retailers Association, Autobarn, Quiksilver International and Berry Street. Visit</p>
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