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Managed Security Service Providers – Body Guards of the Net

  • 02 June, 2005 15:09

<p>Frost &amp; Sullivan predicts strong growth for the Australian MSSP Industry</p>
<p>Sydney, Thursday, 2 June 2005 – According to a new study from Frost &amp; Sullivan, the outsourcing of essential IT security to third party managed security service providers (MSSP’s) is set to take off in the Australian market.</p>
<p>Frost &amp; Sullivan estimate that the total spend on managed security for 2004 in Australia was AU$190 million and will grow to AU$587 million by 2011. The report covers managed and monitored services such as firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion detection and prevention, through to assessment services such as security architecture review and vulnerability assessment.</p>
<p>The author of the report, security industry analyst, James Turner, states that the two key drivers for the market are complexity and resource scarcity.</p>
<p>“IT managers, sysadmins and CxO’s are all struggling with a continual stream of updates to operating systems and applications, changes in configurations, and of course the permutations of these combined weaknesses” says Turner.</p>
<p>Turner goes on to state that “Whether it is money, time, or people, the prospective clients are experiencing resource scarcity.”</p>
<p>The report reveals that Cybertrust, Telstra/KAZ and IBM GS are the three major players in Australia, with a combined 40% market share. Furthermore the report states that the major users of MSSPs were in the Banking &amp; Finance and the Government sectors.</p>
<p>Turner claims that the nature of the market will fundamentally change over the next few years. “Further influencing this market is the evolution of services into software: offerings that can provide continual assessment of the network environment”.</p>
<p>Also influencing market transformation will be the changing needs of the Australian market. The report predicts strong growth in areas such as managed authentication and PKI, but only moderate growth for managed VPN’s and firewalls.</p>
<p>“Managed VPN’s and firewalls are a commodity. But the expertise that is needed for the high end services is going to explode.” says Turner.</p>
<p>The report indicates some pressing challenges for smaller companies in the MSSP area. With immanent consolidation, as well as network service providers such as AT&amp;T and others starting to offer network level threat mitigation, the market will fundamentally change.</p>
<p>Consequently, Turner predicts that although there has been growth and rapid uptake of managed security services, the market for assessment services will overtake purely managed services in the next ten years. “Regulation and compliance are going to drive Banking, Finance, Insurance and Government towards MSSP’s, who can guard the guards.”</p>
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