Prion - climbing to the top

Prion - climbing to the top

Sydney - Beating Tech Pacific in the distribution stakes is no mean feat, but Prion Technology Distribution achieved that distinction by eclipsing its rival to sell more Digital product than any other distributor - $23 million during the last financial year - according to a Prion spokesperson.

Although market share figures are sketchy, Andrew McLean, Prion's national marketing manager "guestimated" the organisation held about a 35 per cent share of Digital's overall distribution business for the last financial year.

And rumour has it that Prion has also converted a couple of key regional resellers in this latest growth spurt.

McLean attributed Prion's success to the Intel juggernaut which Digital has latched onto and integrated into its entire product line, from HiNote notebooks to PC servers.

"We didn't know that we had sold about $2 million worth of HiNotes until we sat down and looked at the numbers."

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