NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Apple protects its own, TiVo phones home

NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Apple protects its own, TiVo phones home

Thanks to the many Cringesters who sent me directions to Easy Street. It seems there are Easy Streets in Arizona, California and Texas, among other locales. So how come none of the women I meet live there?

Book 'em, Steve-o: Last week, Apple allegedly ordered its retail outlets to pull book titles from tech publisher John Wiley & Sons in an apparent protest over Wiley's publication of an unauthorised Steve Jobs bio. It seems the book suggested that when Jobs walks on water his Tevas [shoes] get wet. He's probably just miffed because he wasn't elected pope.

It's grrreat! TigerDirect sued Apple for trademark infringement moments prior to Apple's release of Mac OS 10.4, aka Tiger. Apparently all the hubbub was pushing the mail-order vendor lower in Google search results. Also warming up their attorneys: Tiger Woods, the Princeton Tigers squash team, and of course Tony the Tiger.

We know what you downloaded last summer: At last month's WinHEC, Microsoft announced plans to include a black box in Longhorn to record detailed system data in the (ahem) unlikely event of a crash. Microsoft's real motive: to prove that all those blue screens of death are caused by user error, just as it's always suspected.

Hello, Delhi: Arkansas businessman, John Hammond, was searching real estate sites when he found the perfect offshore office, a great house in a posh district of New Delhi. So he transferred $US800,000 to the owner's account in the Caymans and flew to India to inspect his new abode.

Unfortunately, someone was already living there - India's prime minister. Rumour has it Hammond considered buying the Taj Mahal, but it was too drafty.

Lonely appliances waiting 4U: Cringester Thomas O was getting modem calls on his mobile phone between 2am and 5am, so he tracked down the source: his neighbour's TiVo. Apparently the machine was despondent about the company's share price and had been drinking heavily. That's why I always lock up the booze and turn off the cable modem before I go to bed.

Got hot tips or unauthorised biographies? Send 'em to and you may snag a tasteful fluorescent bike bag.

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