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Optimiser Opens Digital Management Zone to Software Developers

  • 04 August, 2004 18:42

<p>4 August 2004</p>
<p>GenIII: Authoritative Metadata Engine Enables Real-time Software Management</p>
<p>Optimiser, creator of a unique Authoritative Metadata engine for managing digital assets and rights in real-time, has released its third-generation Web service for software vendors, emptors and users. Dubbed the Digital Management Zone - or DMZ - the GenIII solution raises the bar on piracy, combining patent-pending encryption techniques with contract-driven business processes to create dynamically protected software billing and delivery channels. It can be found at</p>
<p>Unlike conventional License Management and software deployment solutions, the DMZ provides real-time data, to both vendor and user, for activity-based accounting of both the sales and purchase channels, respectively. Software vendors can increase their revenues with new sales and flexible pricing models, reduce their sales and distribution costs, and tailor corporate provisioning contracts specifically for user needs. Customers and users can properly manage and account for their software use, as well as extend efficient corporate governance and compliance processes throughout an enterprise.</p>
<p>"Optimiser's Generation III Digital Management Zone takes a commercial approach to a problem that has, so far, only been tackled from a technical standpoint," said Paul Williams, the Group's Marketing Director. "We have pioneered the creation of a management infrastructure that gives vendors and emptors proper guardianship and real-time protection capabilities over their rights and assets.</p>
<p>"We believe Optimiser's solution is unmatched in the marketplace. It is the only Digital Management service engine that supports Authoritative Metadata frameworks, as defined by the World Intellectual Property Organisation and the European Communications Commission. No other Digital Management solution allows continual management of rights and assets, before and after deployment, while at the same time providing real-time data for revenue and cost accounting, to both parties of a transaction."</p>
<p>Optimiser's DMZ effectively allows software to be sold as a service under the same successful business model adopted by telecommunications companies for mobile telephone services. Importantly, it provides proper management of assets and rights according to the norms of the tangible business world by enshrining the vendor-emptor relationship in dynamic eContracts, not static license keys.</p>
<p>Features of the Digital Management Zone include:</p>
<p>* Optimiser's unique Authoritative Metadata Engine - or AME - the master meta-records of coded events that are not identifiable, or valuable, to anyone except parties to the respective transactions.</p>
<p>* Billing, combining encrypted IDs of all necessary components of a particular eContract to authorise and execute the corresponding financial transaction in real-time. The Zone dovetails with third-party settlement systems, such as credit card gateways and vendors' receivable systems, as well as automatically generating invoices and receipts for all parties.</p>
<p>* Namespaces, through which vendors and emptors manage their identities, and sales and purchasing rights, in the trading community.</p>
<p>* Product Catalogues, the asset or inventory register, where vendors make single executables, modules or complete application suites available to Customers.</p>
<p>* eContracts, managing the relationship between a vendor and its customer by combining product distribution parameters with agreed terms and conditions.</p>
<p>* SOAP interface for management reporting - an XML-based, language-independent, platform-independent communications protocol for connecting applications using http, over TCP/IP networks and the Internet.</p>
<p>To deploy an application in the Zone, the vendor compiles Optimiser's Software Development Kit - SDK - with its own source code. As part of Optimisation, events are defined and embedded by the vendor to create a set of product distribution parameters used for eContracts and billing. The vendor's Optimised application is distributed, via download or CD-ROM or DVD, and installed locally on the user device as normal. Piracy of a vendor's Optimised application requires complete decompilation, editing and recompilation.</p>
<p>Inventor of an innovative ICT infrastructure solution, Optimiser demonstrates an impressive track-record of original thinking and innovative application design that makes it a veteran, well ahead of the field, in the emerging Digital Management sector. A Top 25 Finalist in Austrade's 2001 Silicon Valley High-Tech Tour, the company entered the trade development agency's New Export Programme in 2003 when it was also an ANZA Technology Showcase at the ANZA Technology Conference in Palo Alto.</p>
<p>Optimiser, founded in 1996, is the creator of a unique, patent-pending Web service infrastructure that provides comprehensive Digital Management capabilities to owners, publishers and vendors of digitally-stored Intellectual Property. Assessed by BT Exact as "completely unique and original", Optimiser's service platform is an open source-developed Authoritative Metadata Engine - or AME - that meets the metadata framework requirements for administrating digital assets and rights, as defined by such bodies as the World Intellectual Property Organisation and the European Commission, in its Indecs 2000 Report. Authoritative metadata frameworks are seen as the backbone of future electronic mercantile systems.</p>
<p>This release can also be seen at</p>
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