What's new from: Pioneer, Ipex, Protac, Whitebox Technology

What's new from: Pioneer, Ipex, Protac, Whitebox Technology

Pioneer DreamBook 805A

Pioneer Computers Australia has released the DreamBook slim 805A, a Sonoma notebook with Turbo Cache technology. Turbo Cache shares the capacity and bandwidth of dedicated video memory, offering a larger total graphic memory, according to the company. The notebook features: Intel Pentium-M Dothan; 15.4-inch WXGA; two spindles; Intel 915PM+ICH6M chipset; up to 256MB Geforce; DDR II Memory Slot x 2 (400/533 MHz). Other specifications include: built-in 4-in-1 card reader and an antenna/WLAN slot reserved. The DreamBook is distributed in Australia by Pioneer Computers.

RRP: $1999

Ipex AllStation X

Ipex has launched an ultra small form factor PC, dubbed the AllStation X. The AllStation X, a PC with a depth of 20 centimetres, is shorter than an A5 notepad. Validated by Intel as a 'Thermally Advantaged' chassis and utilising Ipex's Eliminoise design, the system provides enhanced thermals and acoustics, the company said. The product incorporates a full size MicroATX systemboard, up to 2 optical drives and a 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch hard drives. Multi-vendor LCD panels are supported via a height adjustable VESA interface. A security I/O cover and carry handle further increase system flexibility. AllStation X was designed by Ipex R&D labs as a standard desktop replacement. The product is distributed in Australia by Ipex.

RRP: Prices start at $1034 (including the LCD panel).

Protac Excel D410J

The Excel D410J notebook is equipped with the latest 64-bit AMD mobile Athlon 64 processor, and can run 32-bit and 64-bit software. The notebook features Hyper Transportation technology, which offers increased system performance and improved multi-tasking. Extended battery life is possible with the AMD PowerNow! technology. It also enhances the virus protection for Microsoft Windows XP SP2. The D410J provides 64MB Share memory VGA; 3D Audio; a 15-inch TFT display; 56K modem; built-in Camera; 4-in-1 Card reader; 10/100 Mbps LAN; three USB 2.0 ports; and a Type II PCMCIA slot. The Excel D410J is distributed by Protac International Computers.

RRP: The price for the basic model with Mobile Sempron 2600+ CPU, 40GB HDD, Combo drive, 256MB DDR and Windows XP Home Edition is $1499. CPU, memory, optical drive, wireless LAN and HDD upgrades are available upon request.

Whitebox Buckner Server

With its entry-level features and support for PCI Express, the Intel Whitebox Buckner Server from Whitebox Technology provides an ideal solution for general-purpose, appliance, and communications applications. By supporting the Intel Pentium 4 processor with an 800MHz system bus and the Intel E7221 chipset and DDR2 ECC memory technology, the server offers what the company said is boosted performance and reliability. A range of storage options that include hot-swap SATA or SCSI RAID configurations have been specifically designed to protect data integrity while providing a cost-effective server solution. The server also includes Intel Server Management 8, which helps simplify administration and maintenance to minimise costs. The product is distributed in Australia by Whitebox Technology.

RRP: From $1399

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