What's new from: FalconStor, StorageTek, BrightStor, Storage Foundations, EMC

What's new from: FalconStor, StorageTek, BrightStor, Storage Foundations, EMC

FalconStor iSCSI Storage Server

FalconStor Software's latest iSCSI Storage Server software, built on Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2003, provides disaster recovery, disk-based backup and rapid data restore to Windows customers. The software offers disaster recovery, via IP-based delta replication of an application host's mission-critical data, from a primary site to a remote site over IP in a peer-to-peer or many-to-one configuration, based on policy. The software also protects host-based systems and user workstations via replication of local files and directories, as well as mirroring an entire local disk to an iSCSI server-managed disk for automated off-site data storage backup and disaster recovery. The solution includes a FalconStor-based Multipathing Service for Fibre Channel-attached storage. It also features load balancing to enhance peak performance of the storage by automatically distributing traffic among the storage paths for higher throughput, while eliminating bottlenecks to deliver 24x7 availability. The software is distributed in Australia by T-Data and IDS-G (Independent Data Solutions Group).

RRP: IPSTOR Enterprise Edition pricing starts at $65,000 for a full featured DR solution; the IPSTOR iSCSI Storage Server Edition pricing starts at $19,000

StorageTek's GSM 4.0

StorageTek's Global Storage Manager (GSM) software helps organisations view and understand their storage environments, control storage assets and leverage storage investments. GSM helps organisations visualise and optimise multi-vendor, multi-site storage environments using a single integrated solution. The latest release, GSM 4.0, includes comprehensive business analytics. The software provides a centralised view of all infrastructure elements, including online and nearline storage, network fabric and switches, databases and backup applications. Large and growing organisations can monitor thousands of storage elements across multiple sites and geographies. The product is distributed in Australia by ACA Pacific.

RRP: Prices start at $50,000

BrightStor ARCserve Backup r11.1

BrightStor ARCserve Backup r11.1 is a single integrated backup and restore solution that can manage Windows, NetWare, Linux and UNIX servers, as well as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, AS/400 and VMS client environments. It delivers functionality for DAS, NAS and SAN environments, as well as database and messaging functionality, the company said. The software features integrated eTrust Antivirus scan and cure capabilities and a user interface and command line interface. Key features include: integrated backup to disk; multiplexing/multi-streaming; built-in centralised and cross-platform management of the backup environment; SAN- and NAS-based backups; VSS hardware snapshot support; virus protection and data security; along with wide platform and application support. The software is distributed in Australia by Express Data and Ingram Micro.

RRP: The software costs $1120 for a BAB licence and one-year maintenance, which provides upgrade protection and telephone technical support.

Storage Foundations

Veritas Software is offering Storage Foundation 4.0, storage management and virtualisation software. The software integrates with Veritas Volume Manager, storage virtualisation software and Veritas File System, an industry standard file system to manage multiple operating systems across storage devices and databases, the company said. The software provides heterogeneous storage support by allowing data to be shared between servers with different operating systems. Dynamic multi-pathing spreads data across multiple network paths for improved performance and availability. For organisations requiring enhanced database support, Storage Foundation for Oracle, Sybase and DB2 delivers improved performance, availability and manageability of database ecosystems. For advanced clustering capabilities, Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC and Storage Foundation Cluster File System include both cluster volume managers and cluster file systems for concurrent data access from multiple servers. The product is distributed in Australia by Express Data and Ingram Micro.

RRP: Pricing starts from $1584


Pitching improved capacity utilisation and availability, EMC is offering a storage resource management tool, dubbed VisualSRM. VisualSRM is a storage-agnostic application, providing file-level reporting from a host perspective and supporting heterogeneous platforms on both UNIX and Windows for SAN, NAS and direct-attached storage. Platforms supported include Windows NT, 2000, and XP, Novell, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, and Linux; applications include Exchange, SQL, Oracle, Sybase, and MSCS. The software also provides 37 pre-defined reports, custom reports and trending. It is distributed in Australia by Lan Systems.

RRP: $1362 for the Standard Edition (For up to 500GB of data); $4087 for Exchange Edition (For up to 1TB of data); and $6130 for the Database Edition (For up to 1TB of data).

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