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Ag-Id Tags Optimiser For Digital DNA Registry

  • 05 May, 2005 15:00

<p>Optimiser Digital Management Technology To Handle Unique Australian Livestock RFID Identification System</p>
<p>Ag-Id – Perth-based inventor of novel and patented livestock DNA fingerprinting techniques – has commissioned Optimiser – creator of a unique Authoritative Metadata Engine for managing digital assets in real-time – to provide a comprehensive Digital Management solution for its new, innovative Agri-Scan Services and software applications. The Agri-Scan Services have been designed to transform current livestock management practices by providing low-cost, authentic control for tracing individual animal identities from the farm gate to the dinner plate.</p>
<p>Agri-Scan Services are directed at a fast-emerging field within the food industry aimed at providing quality assurance over the entire life of any organism destined for consumption by humans. Brought into sharp focus by the now famous outbreaks of BSE – or mad-cow disease, consumer and regulatory demand for such information can only increase as debate on genetic modification and application of new techniques continues.</p>
<p>"Ag-Id combines a variety of new techniques with its own proprietary DNA-testing methods to create a reliable and repeatable livestock registration system, at a fraction of the cost seen in the industry to date," said Josef Pfistershammer, Ag-Id's Founder, Managing Director and inventor of the company's patented DNA analysis techniques and processes. "We can give reassurance to anyone involved in the purchase of livestock and meat products - including the consumer - that the history and source of a particular animal is known.</p>
<p>"An essential aspect of Agri-Scan Services is the ability to confidently authenticate and validate identities of both physical samples from the cattle and people who use the system, and match them to various digital records collected in the registry. Optimiser's Digital Management technology is strategic in providing comprehensive asset, software and user management capabilities, as well as the necessary business reporting so we can actually bill for our services."</p>
<p>Optimiser’s Ozone consulting team will build and deploy Ag-Id’s Web-service interfaces and data repositories, integrating them with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tagging and scanning devices, as well as the DNA analysis tools and software applications used by farmers, abattoirs, purchasers and retailers. The integrity and safety of the digital codes generated by Agri-Scan’s novel DNA analysis will be secured, as will the credentials of users of the system, by Optimiser’s ground-breaking Digital Management Zone.</p>
<p>The Digital Management Zone will provide a secure eChannel for real-time asset registration and management that gives Ag-Id a complete audit and billing trail for every recorded aspect of a particular animal's life. Through a central management Web console, individuals, companies and authorities who use Ag-Id's Agri-Scan Services and software can be given the appropriate access to create, update, order, view and match records for their own particular enquiries.</p>
<p>"Optimiser's Digital Management service solution will dovetail with Ag-Id's software and analysis tools to provide complete accountability for livestock, their keepers and their buyers," said Paul Williams, Optimiser's Marketing Director. "Furthermore, the integrated capabilities of the two companies' technologies provide complete validation of a necessary service so that Ag-Id can make a commercial return."</p>
<p>Ag-Id is the inventor, patent-holder and developer of various new DNA-fingerprinting techniques, analysis tools and livestock tagging devices which are combined to create the company's flagship Agri-Scan Services. Agri-Scan Services are designed to offer the farming and food industries a unique DNA analysis service with guaranteed 100% reliability for the identification of livestock. Commencing with Australian cattle, the company has plans for global expansion, across different farm animal populations and possibly into human DNA services.</p>
<p>Optimiser has developed the Digital Management Zone - or DMZ, a platform-independent, Web-based service for enabling, managing, securing and billing software application and content sales in real-time. The core of its successful Digital Management solution is a unique Authoritative Metadata Engine and its ability to provide metadata and metrics for driving real-time Enterprise and Management Information systems. Assessed by BT Exact, Optimiser's approach has been cited as "completely unique and original".</p>
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