ATM all washed up, Ovum report says

ATM all washed up, Ovum report says

So much for all the hype surrounding ATM. According to a new report, The Future of Broadband Networking: ATM versus TCP/IP, released by Ovum Technology, the future of broadband networking lies not in ATM, but rather in the adoption of TCP/IP-based applications which will allow a variety of alternative approaches.

John Matthews, principal consultant at Ovum and author of the report, said: "For many years the orthodox view of the development of broadband networking has been that it would use ATM transmissions and switching.

"However, the rise of the Internet and enhancements to the TCP/IP suite has changed that orthodoxy and the future of broadband will not be dominated by ATM."

According to Ovum, broadband networking will use a wide variety of protocols influenced by the following factors:

Customer requirements and the needs of underlying applications.

LAN developments and the adoption of Ethernet enhancements.

Adoption of ATM within the telcos WANs.

Adoption of TCP/IP-based applications and voice over IP.

The report added that the use of both ATM and TCP/IP will grow rapidly, but by 2002 usage of TCP/IP will exceed usage of other protocols, with the biggest growth in the Asia-Pacific coming from Japan and Australia.

The IP market will grow rapidly at more than 70 per cent a year between 1998 and 2002.

The Future of Broadband Networking: ATM versus TCP/IP report is available from Ovum for $1745.

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