Optima leaps into CE space

Optima leaps into CE space

Optima has announced an inaugural consumer electronics (CE) division as part of plans to expand its computing-based business into new markets.

The Australian computer manufacturer’s executive chairman, Cornel Ung, said its CE business would be divided into three categories: display, incorporating plasma and TV products; mobile entertainment, such as multimedia players; and home entertainment, including DVD-RW and DVD recordable hardware.

To be launched in Q4, the new product base would see Optima compete locally against the CE giants from both Japan and Korea, Ung said.

“We want to be competitive on price, connectivity and feature set,” he said.

Optima will ship product components from manufacturing partners overseas. The company will then undertake quality audits on components and assemble products in Australia, Ung said.

“Locally, Optima will also focus on branding, marketing and servicing the products through its reseller channel,” he said.

It was now working on formulating how to direct CE products through to the consumer, Ung said.

“We will work direct with the dealers in the market in much the same direction as our computing side now,” he said. “A different channel strategy will be put in force to go into the regional markets with out resellers.”

Ung would not comment on Optima’s metropolitan or retail sales strategy.

Alongside the launch of its CE business, Ung said Optima was also constructing a third product division, based around communications.

Optima would look to launch this division in the next two to three years, he said.

Communications products to be developed would range from wireless routers and set top boxes, to converged mobile and computing devices.

“These products will be higher speed products than those currently available," Ung said. "While today’s products are based on 200MHz processors, we’ll be working with devices that have 1GHz speeds."

He said the company was currently working with Intel on reference designs for components for its future communications products suite.

It would also consider teaming up with other communications vendors, he said.

The two new divisions would help drive Optima’s earnings to $300 million over three years, Ung said.

“Our major revenue is still in computing products," he said. "But we anticipate communications will be the future revenue driver."

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