What's new from: Trend Micro, Micromuse, FirePass, WatchGuard, Zone Labs

What's new from: Trend Micro, Micromuse, FirePass, WatchGuard, Zone Labs

InterScan Web Security Suite v2.0

Trend Micro’s InterScan Web Security Suite v2.0 brings together antivirus, anti-phishing, anti-spyware and URL filtering capabilities into one integrated platform. The suite has evolved to provide corporate customers and service providers with an integrated single-point solution at the gateway for various types of Web traffic security, according to the company. It is available for Microsoft Windows NT, and is currently offered in an English language interface. Linux and Solaris versions are expected in Q3.

RRP:The cost for 100 seats is as follows: IWSS, $22.80; URL filtering component (need to have IWSS installed), $22.80; combined $45 per seat. Visit for a list of distributors.

Netcool for Security Management

Micromuse has released Netcool for Security Management, a solution that provides integration with TruSecure’s vulnerability feed information for greater visibility of IT security breaches and overall risk to the business. The solution is ideal for enterprises, banking, finance, government and service providers. Combining security event data and vulnerability data allows organisations to take greater control over identifying and managing security threats, and improves their ability to address and avoid potential violations in realtime, according to the company. The Netcool solution collects, consolidates and de-duplicates information about security events and correlates this data with known vulnerabilities from TruSecure’s vulnerability information database in realtime. Integration with TruSecure’s database of known vulnerabilities and malicious code enables operations staff to monitor emerging threats, identify the severity of incoming security alerts, and access workflow policies and critical information to resolve problems quickly. Platforms supported include Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows, IBM AIX and Red Hat Linux. It will integrate with Micromuse’s partner TruSecure’s products. For a list of distributors, contact Micromuse.

RRP: Starts from $US90,000.

FirePass Controller

FirePass Controller, a secure sockets layer Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN) solution with cross-platform support, delivers full network access to any IP-based application, Linux, Macintosh and Windows platforms. In addition, FirePass Controller offers an open Application Programming Interface (API) and Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) that enables third-party application vendors to build seamless, secure remote access into their client applications, according to the company. With FirePass Controller, remote Macintosh and Linux users can connect to the corporate network and access client/server, voice over IP, and other applications as if they were locally connected. Launched last month, the FirePass controller is ideal for enterprises evaluating remote access solutions.

RRP: $15,200. The product is distributed in Australia by Tech Pacific.

WatchGuard Firebox X

WatchGuard’s Firebox X line of security appliances is designed for the specific requirements of SMEs. It combines firewall, VPN, application layer security, intrusion prevention functionality, spam blocking, Web filtering and authentication in one appliance. Activated via a software license key, the model upgrade allows SMEs to scale their existing Firebox X security appliances without costly and time-consuming hardware replacements, the company said. In addition to model upgrade capability, WatchGuard is releasing a three-port upgrade option for the Firebox X that doubles the amount of active network ports from three to six on any of the four models in the line. This allows organisations to use the Firebox X as both a perimeter security device and to protect different user groups and devices within the internal network infrastructure. Firebox X appliances and add-on services are available through WatchGuard distributors including Firewall Systems, Ingram Micro and Lan Systems.

RRP: Firebox X model upgrades are available from $1560 (to upgrade from Firebox X500 to X700) to $6429 (to upgrade from Firebox X500 to X2500). The optional three-port upgrade (which includes high availability capability) is also available immediately for a suggested price of $955.

Zone Labs Integrity 5.0

Zone Labs’ Integrity 5.0 is a centrally managed endpoint security solution that combines Zone Labs’ multi-layered PC firewall technology with centralised policy management controls. According to the company, the solution is best-suited to deliver policy-based security enforcement in enterprises with more than 500 employees. The solution — which operates on Windows Server 2000/2003 — includes distributed firewall protection from common network intrusion attempts, complete port stealthing, real-time policy updates, and optional instant messaging security. The product is distributed exclusively in Australia by Dovetail.

RRP: Pricing for Zone Labs Integrity 5.0 varies depending on the volume purchased and configuration, but begins at $61 per seat for Integrity Desktop, $96 for Integrity Agent and $103 for Integrity Flex.

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