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Analyst Report Confirms Quantum's Disk And Tape Solution Offers 50 Percent Lower Total Cost Of Ownership Than All-Disk Option

  • 20 April, 2005 16:06

<p>Analyst Report Confirms Quantum's Disk And Tape Solution Offers 50 Percent Lower Total Cost Of Ownership Than All-Disk Option</p>
<p>Quantum Also Announces New Enhancements for PX720 Tape Library that Help Customers Realize Additional Capabilities and Value of Tiered Storage Environments</p>
<p>Sydney, Australia, April 20, 2005 -- Quantum Corp. (NYSE:DSS), a global leader in storage, today highlighted results from a just-completed Data Mobility Group analyst report which shows that its combined DX100 Disk-based Backup System and PX720 enterprise tape library solution costs 50 percent less to acquire and maintain over a seven-year period than an all-disk solution.
In its report, the Data Mobility Group calculates the total cost of three different backup and recovery alternatives -- an all-disk solution using a commonly available Serial ATA disk system, an all-tape solution with the PX720, and a combined disk and tape solution involving the DX100 and PX720. The calculations take into account initial acquisition cost, as well as environmental and facility costs, such as power, cooling and floor space. The calculations are based on the following storage requirements and assumptions:
• Initial Storage Requirement -- 50 TB
• Annual Growth Rate -- 10 percent
• Average Tape Cartridge Utilization -- 85 percent
• Average Tape Compression -- 2:1
• Average Disk Utilization -- 70 percent
• Data Life -- None of the data will expire within the first seven years
"With numerous government regulations requiring longer retention periods for data, many IT administrators are looking for ways to be compliant while also working within the parameters of their companies' budgets," said Dianne McAdam, senior analyst and partner for Data Mobility Group. "In order to achieve this, they are beginning to implement tiered storage architectures by assigning different categories of data to different types of storage -- using disk for quick accessibility of mission-critical data and tape for a cost-effective way to store infrequently accessed data and provide long-term archive."
Customers today want to leverage the respective advantages of disk and tape and, therefore, are implementing hybrid solutions to meet their backup, recovery and archive needs. Quantum has responded with new feature enhancements in its enterprise disk- and tape-based backup systems that provide additional capabilities and protect customers' existing investments. In March, the company announced Optyon™ In-line Data Compression, the first hardware-based compression for open systems virtual tape. It enables customers to add capacity without degradation in performance while significantly lowering the immediate and long-term cost per gigabyte (GB) of disk backup.
Further demonstrating the cost-effectiveness and investment protection that tape affords, Quantum is now shipping mixed media and supports LTO-3 tape technology in its PX720 tape library. The system's flexible architecture allows customers to have numerous connectivity interfaces and drive types within one library frame. As newer and faster tape drives and connectivity options become available, customers can easily upgrade to the latest technology without purchasing a new library, thus extending the life of the library and protecting their initial investment.
If a customer does exceed the total capacity of a single frame, up to five PX720 tape libraries can be connected with the CrossLink™ Mechanism, providing over 1 petabyte of native storage capacity using LTO-3 tape drives. Library partitioning, the ability to consolidate and centralize the management of heterogeneous software and operating systems in one library, is another new feature that further extends the life of the library.
"We are finding that many of our customers are deploying a DX30 or DX100 Disk-based Backup System with the PX720 or other Quantum tape library," said Craig Tamlin, Australia and New Zealand country manager for Quantum. "Because Quantum is focused on delivering complementary disk and tape solutions, we are able to work with our channel partners to help customers implement cost-effective tiered storage architectures that meet both budgetary and regulatory requirements."
To read the full report or learn more about the cost comparisons, please go to
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