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Telstra and Polycom to Deliver Enterprise Class Video Communications to Small and Medium Businesses

  • 12 April, 2005 14:05

<p>Telstra to market and support affordable Polycom V500 office video system, offering TV-like video and near-CD quality sound</p>
<p>Telstra and Polycom® Inc. (NASDAQ: PLCM) today announced they are making video conferencing more accessible than ever by bringing enterprise quality video communications to small and medium sized businesses in an affordable solution. The Telstra ISDN Video Bundle allows businesses to own their own video conferencing equipment for as little as $199 (GST inclusive) per month with no initial outlay (based on a 36 month contract).*</p>
<p>Provided by Telstra Conferencing and delivered in several configurations that enable companies to add video as their business grows, the Telstra ISDN Video Bundle includes the new Polycom V500™ video calling system with unlimited telephone access to Telstra’s Business Hours Video Conferencing Helpline.</p>
<p>“The Polycom and Telstra offering addresses the growing market for selling high-quality video communications into the small and medium-sized business (SMB) segment,” said James Anderson, Polycom country manager Australia and New Zealand. “The moderate price and easy-to-use hardware, software, and service offering can help expand the use of video beyond the boardrooms and conference rooms of large companies, into smaller businesses, serving remote workers and smaller offices within an enterprise. Polycom’s V500 paired with Telstra’s services provide a clear path for SMB firms to step up to business-class interactive video communications.”</p>
<p>The Polycom V500 uses the latest video compression standard, H.264, to deliver high quality video over reduced bandwidth. The V500 also comes with Polycom’s patented Siren 14™ kHz audio that produces near CD quality sound when connected to similarly equipped Polycom systems.</p>
<p>“Once available only to large global organisations, video now fits within every business budget without sacrificing video quality,” said James Anderson. “When the Polycom V500 is teamed with Telstra’s robust ISDN network, business hours helpdesk and bridging services, small and medium sized businesses have a great business application tool for increasing collaboration and communication.”</p>
<p>“Polycom relies on leading telecommunications companies such as Telstra to provide an excellent and robust network for our real time collaborative communications,” said Anderson added. “Business critical video communications is changing the way we work, providing instant access to information easily, reliably and often across multiple locations. Now, every company can increase productivity and retain its competitive edge with Telstra’s end-to-end video networking solution.”</p>
<p>Video communication is increasingly popular in real time business environments where teams are dispersed and faster decision-making is needed to ensure companies remain nimble and competitive. Small and medium sized businesses are using video conferencing to improve their training programs, business planning, customer relationships, and many other applications that require collaboration and personalisation.</p>
<p>Studies have shown significant increases in learning as well as information absorption and retention in face-to-face meetings that take place by video conferencing. According to a recent UCLA study, 55 percent of the impact from a conversation comes from face and body language. Video conferencing raises productivity, contains travel costs, encourages collaboration and reduces time to market.</p>
<p>For more information go to</p>
The Telstra ISDN Video Bundle, including the new Polycom V500™ video calling system is available for $199 (including GST) per month with no initial outlay (based on a 36-month contract). Minimum cost over 36 months is $7,164.00 plus any video conferencing call charges. Pricing information and a summary of the terms and conditions applicable to Telstra's new pay by the month video conferencing equipment plans is outlined at:</p>

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