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Customers Unlikely to Encounter Mabir Mobile Phone Worm, Sophos Reports

  • 08 April, 2005 14:04

<p>Experts at SophosLabs(TM), Sophos's global network of virus and spam analysis centres, have advised customers not to panic, following media reports of a virus which attempts to spread to cell phones via MMS (Multimedia Message Service).</p>
<p>The Symb/Mabir-A worm runs on Nokia Series 60 phones running the Symbian operating system. However, despite excitable reports from some members of the media and security community, the virus does not appear to be spreading in the wild.</p>
<p>"The Mabir worm attempts to spread to other compatible mobile phones via Bluetooth and MMS, but – like all other mobile phone viruses so far – appears to be a case of more hype than havoc," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. "We would recommend that the public should probably be more concerned about the large number of malicious Windows worms actively spreading via the internet and email."</p>
<p>Sophos believes the level of risk to mobile phone users is presently very low.</p>
<p>"Mobile devices (PDAs and cell phones) have been theoretically vulnerable to viruses and Trojans for some years, but there has been very little malware written," continued Cluley. "The variation in details such as OS version, firmware revision and device characteristics in the mobile arena has resulted in a ‘moving target’ for virus writers. The virus writers seem much more interested in attacking the old faithful target: computers running Microsoft Windows."</p>
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<p>About Sophos.
Sophos is a world leading computer security specialist, developing anti-virus and anti-spam software. Headquartered in the UK, the company produces solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes – from small enterprises to global corporations. Sophos is acclaimed for delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction and protection in the industry. The company's products are sold and supported in more than 150 countries and protect more than 35 million users.</p>
<p>Sophos's regional head office for Australia and New Zealand is in Sydney and hosts one of the company's three Computer Virus Research and Development Laboratories to provide global support services.</p>
Sophos's press contact at Gotley Nix Evans is:
Michael Henderson (
+61 2 9957 5555 (tel)
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