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RSA Security Solutions Adopted for PlayStation® Portable to Secure New Interactive Features

  • 30 March, 2005 10:47

<p>RSA BSAFE® encryption technology protects identities
and assets as portable entertainment goes wireless</p>
<p>SYDNEY, March 30, 2005 – RSA Security Inc. (Nasdaq: RSAS) announced that it has licensed RSA BSAFE® Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and public key infrastructure (PKI) products to Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI), to provide a secure interactive environment for software title developers and publishers creating game titles for its new PSP™ (PlayStation® Portable) handheld entertainment system.</p>
<p>This technology will be used to enable secure game distribution and identity protection for portable gamers within the PSP™ interactive gaming environment. By using RSA BSAFE products, SCEI is able to prevent identity theft and protect the gaming assets of its numerous publishers and developers. RSA BSAFE cryptographic tool kits are developed in Brisbane by RSA Security’s Developer Solutions Group.</p>
<p>RSA Security solutions were also adopted for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system software development library, providing security technology that enabled digital rights protection for games. This rights protection system gave game developers confidence that they would be both properly compensated and less susceptible to unscrupulous hackers. With the PSP™, RSA Security is helping SCEI expand on that success by providing the tools needed to establish trust through the enforcement of digital rights, and by protecting gamer identities as gaming becomes more portable and interactive.</p>
<p>This secure environment gives game developers a platform they can trust to enable new revenue streams from interactive entertainment from their latest titles for the new device. RSA Security’s continued innovation in the area of digital asset and identity protection helps make these exciting new interactive devices and services safe, trusted, and accessible for consumers and content developers.</p>
<p>“We are pleased that RSA Security’s RSA BSAFE solutions have been adopted for SCEI’s PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system as well as the new PSP™ handheld entertainment system,” said Rick Welch, Vice President of Developer Solutions and Professional Services at RSA Security. “RSA Security’s upcoming RSA BSAFE® Mobile Rights Management product is evidence of the continued innovation that makes us the trusted security partner providing the safe, reliable environment consumers want – coupled with the digital asset protection publishers and developers need.”</p>
<p>RSA Security’s 20 years of experience developing security standards and technologies, including critical security protocols such as SSL – one of the backbones of Internet electronic commerce – is brought to bear in the development of the core technologies needed for effective asset protection for digital entertainment devices and services. The company is also a recognised leader in providing encryption, public key infrastructure, and other embedded security products and services for a broad range of electronic devices.</p>
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