BorderWare MXtreme Mail Firewall

BorderWare MXtreme Mail Firewall

BorderWare has launched the MXtreme Mail Firewall, an antivirus, anti-spam email firewall. Mxtreme protects email systems from security threats including Denial-of-Service attacks like MyDoom, buffer overflows, directory harvesting, spam, viruses, attacks against remote access systems, and other vulnerabilities. MXtreme is designed to support high throughputs, resist operating system attacks and protect mail servers from direct SMTP and HTTP connections. The MXtreme is suited to deployment between the internal mail server and an existing firewall. It supports standard mail protocols for processing email messages, and is generally configured to accept all mail to a domain or sub-domain, to store and process mail according to specified policies, and subsequently deliver mail to one or more internal mail servers. With integrated OS and optimised mail servers, MXtreme minimises the latency usually associated with intense security processing. The MXtreme firewall includes virus-scanning against email-borne inbound and outbound malicious code. It also uses SPAM control to reduce management and false positives. It filters malformed messages and attachments and allows only correctly formatted messages in to the system. MXtreme is managed through a Web-based interface, can be accessed remotely and locally, and comes in three models to support the needs of small enterprises through to high-volume sites. Distributued by Firewall Systems

RRP: from $8900

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