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Verbatim first to market with Dual Layer 8.5GB DVD Media

  • 21 May, 2004 12:27

<p>Never afraid of innovation, Verbatim has once again stepped up to the technological plate with the announcement that the company is on target to be the first to deliver Dual Layer DVD+R discs.</p>
<p>The new 2.4x DVD+R media nearly doubles the storage capacity on DVD recordable discs from 4.7GB to 8.5GB on a single side while maintaining compatibility with existing DVD video players and DVD-ROM drives. With Verbatim’s new DVD+R DL discs, consumers will be able to record up to four hours of DVD-quality video or up to 16 hours of VHS video quality on a single disc.</p>
<p>The new media is fully compatible with the DVD+R DL standard endorsed by the DVD+RW, of which Verbatim is an active member, and this development clearly illustrates its desire and ability to work closely with hardware manufacturers. The Dual-Layer DVD+R media has been certified by Philips Format Verification Laboratory as fully compliant with the DVD+R DL standard. Certification provides drive manufacturers and end users with the assurance that Verbatim’s new DVD+R DL media delivers broad compatibility with new DVD+R DL drives and existing DVD playback devices. Philips, Sony, Dell, HP and other DVD+RW Alliance members have all announced drives that support the DL format.</p>
<p>The media uses technology developed jointly by Verbatim and Philips. Both companies view the development and introduction of Dual Layer technology as the next important milestones in the drive to continually improve and expand the optical data storage options available to consumers.</p>
<p>The development of reliable Dual-Layer media is the key technology enabler for Dual Layer DVD+R recording. The ultimate challenge was to develop materials and manufacturing processes for dual-layer discs that allow the properties of two unique layers, once recorded, to meet the DVD 9 read only specifications for DVD-ROM drives and DVD video players. During recording and reading, each layer can be targeted without disrupting data on the other layer.</p>
<p>The first recording layer of the Verbatim DVD+R DL disc is semi-transparent, providing enough reflectivity for writing/reading data on the first layer, yet transmitting enough laser power to read/write on the second layer by refocusing the laser. In addition to optimising layer reflectivity, new AZO recording dyes were developed by Verbatim for each layer to optimise parameters such as signal amplitudes and power margins to ensure compatibility with current DVD standards.</p>
<p>‘Compatibility was a top priority in developing our Dual Layer media’ says Merv Tabe, Verbatim Australia’s Managing Director. ‘Content developers will be among the first to make the switch to Dual Layer technology because multimedia and video files require so much capacity. They can increase their productivity with the 8.5GB DVD+R media without worrying about playback compatibility. It will be the same as their 4.7GB discs, just with more capacity.’</p>
Verbatim 8.5GB Dual-Layer DVD+R media will begin shipping in July, however initial supplies are expected to be limited, with stock levels increasing thereafter. Verbatim backs the quality of its complete line of DataLifePlus DVD media with a lifetime warranty.</p>
<p>About Verbatim
Since 1969 Verbatim has been at the forefront of the evolution of data storage technology. Today, more than 35 years later, Verbatim remains one of the most recognizable names in data storage and is an international market leader in the distribution of optical and magnetic media, computer hardware and computer consumables. Verbatim Corporation is currently the only firm in the world that designs, develops and manufactures high-performance, high-quality CD-Recordable, CD-ReWriteable, DVD-Recordable and ReWriteable DVD media products, and a complete family of MO media, as well as magnetic media and imaging products. For complete information on Verbatim’s DVD+/- R media, visit the company’s website at</p>

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