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Sniffer Technologies introduces Sniffer Distributed and s6040 solutions to support network-based application performanc

  • 18 May, 2004 14:57

<p>Sydney, 18 May 2004 – Network Associates, the leading provider of intrusion prevention solutions, today announced new versions of network instrumentation solutions from its Sniffer Technologies division – Sniffer Distributed 4.5 and the Sniffer Technologies s6040 version 1.5 solution. These new releases enhance the products’ network monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities to provide enhanced visibility into applications.</p>
<p>Sniffer Distributed and Sniffer Technologies s6040 solutions have the industry’s most comprehensive instrumentation from the core to the edge of the network. With the introduction of Sniffer Distributed 4.5 and the s6040 version 1.5 instrumentation solutions, Sniffer Technologies is helping network administrators reduce technology risk by assuring the availability, security and performance of customers’ networks as they deploy next-generation networks with 24/7 availability.</p>
<p>The Sniffer Distributed 4.5 solution is a high-powered network and applications performance management solution that can be deployed across the entire network. It is designed to offer the industry a high-performance network management solution to proactively manage and secure multi-topology and multi-protocol distributed networks. In addition, Sniffer Distributed is able to monitor, validate, and evaluate entire network infrastructure operations to conduct real-time analysis and problem resolution.</p>
<p>Sniffer Distributed 4.5, working in conjunction with the new Appera Application Manager solution announced today, enables customers to reduce business risk by enabling application managers to ally with network managers to identify and resolve network-based applications issues quickly, requiring no additional hardware investment.</p>
<p>The new key components of the enhanced Sniffer Distributed 4.5 include:
• New filters – Sniffer Distributed includes easy-to-use filtering capabilities. Version 4.5 includes crucial new filters for IP addresses using wild cards, TCP/UDP ports, and ACSII/Hex pattern with variable offset. This capability will greatly expand the power of Sniffer security filters that are developed in conjunction with the McAfee AVERT team. Filters let IT professionals get to the data that’s important in the shortest amount of time, thereby reducing mean time to resolution.
• Additional decodes – leveraging Sniffer Technologies legacy of providing best-in-class decodes, Sniffer Distributed 4.5 now provides visibility to business-critical applications that include Citrix ICA and the Storage Area Network protocols of iSCSI and Fiberchannel over IP.
• Easier import, export, and sharing of filters – allows IT staff to leverage their knowledge and time to share filters in order to more effectively isolate network and application security and performance issues.
• Enhanced alarms – as part of Sniffer Distributed’s Expert system, users can set activated triggers on the alarms to alert for network slow-down, poorly performing applications and security breaches. With Sniffer Distributed 4.5, IT staff can now receive transactional data that supports an alarm to reduce the time needed to resolve the issue.</p>
<p>The Sniffer Technologies s6040 appliance is a modular, high performance hardware platform designed specifically for the high speeds and complex architectures that are present in the core of enterprise networks today. The Sniffer s6040 solution is designed to monitor and analyse the network core, and can expand to accommodate four full-duplex Gigabit links with up to 8 Gbps of line rate capture performance.</p>
<p>Since all user traffic passes through the core of the network to reach key application servers, the s6040 appliance provides critical visibility into network and application performance at the core of the network, a critical part of a company’s IT infrastructure.</p>
<p>Additional components of s6040 appliance version 1.5 include:
• Link aggregation support – this functionality provides the ability to capture traffic that traverses multiple links in both load balanced or asymmetric routing environments. Additionally, link aggregation provides the ability to monitor and troubleshoot Gigabit Ether channel links. This simplifies the process of monitoring and troubleshooting the complex architectures of the core to increase availability and performance.
• Support for Sniffer Voice and Sniffer Mobile – this functionality provides visibility to core VoIP, multimedia, and Mobile IP communications, which facilitates successful rollouts as well as the maintenance of a high quality of service.
• VLAN monitoring – the ability to generate virtual LAN (VLAN) statistics on single and aggregated links to provide insight into the performance and usage of VLANs. This helps improve network efficiency to minimise capital expenditures.
• NetFlow support – to facilitate the usage of network billing in order to document, and potentially reduce, infrastructure expenses the s6040 now provides detailed data records of NetFlow version 5 statistics. The s6040 is able to produce statistics regarding who is using the network, what types of applications or protocols they are using, and where and when the usage occurred in and present them to a NetFlow management console.</p>
s6040 solutions will be available through direct sales and channel partners, and will begin shipping in June 2004. For additional information on Sniffer solutions, please contact Sniffer Technologies at +61 2 9761 4200.</p>
<p>About Sniffer Technologies
On April 22, 2004, Network Associates announced that the Sniffer Technologies division will be acquired by Silver Lake Partners and Texas Pacific Group to create a new independent company called Network General Corporation. The acquisition is expected to close in the third quarter.</p>
<p>Sniffer Technologies, a product line of Network Associates, is a leading provider of network, security, and application management solutions designed to ensure optimal business uptime and availability. Supporting the widest range of network topologies in the industry, Sniffer Technologies' integrated product suite enables enterprises, small to medium businesses, and service providers worldwide effectively maintain their networks and applications up and running at peak performance, 24x7. As one of the most trusted providers of monitoring, troubleshooting, and network visualisation solutions, Sniffer Technologies' solution set is designed to meet the demanding availability and security requirements of organisations' Web sites; Internet applications; converged voice, video, and data networks; wireless local area networks (LANs); and high speed switched and optical networks. For more information, Sniffer Technologies can be reached on the Internet at</p>
<p>About Network Associates
With headquarters in Santa Clara, California, Network Associates, Inc. (NYSE: NET) creates best-of-breed computer security solutions that prevent intrusions on networks and protect computer systems from the next generation of blended attacks and threats. Offering two families of products, McAfee System Protection Solutions, securing desktops and servers, and McAfee Network Protection Solutions, ensuring the protection and performance of the corporate network, Network Associates offers computer security to large enterprises, governments, small and medium sized businesses, and consumers. For more information, Network Associates can be reached at + 61 2 9761 4200 or on the Internet at</p>
<p>NOTE: Network Associates, McAfee, Sniffer, Network Performance Orchestrator, AVERT and nPO are registered trademarks or trademarks of Network Associates, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and other countries. Sniffer brand products are made only by Network Associates, Inc. All other registered and unregistered trademarks in this document are the sole property of their respective owners. 2004 Networks Associates Technology, Inc.</p>
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