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Plumtree Launches Applications Incubator Program to Support Partners Building Service-Oriented Applications

  • 24 March, 2004 14:30

<p>~ $US25,000 OEM License; Development, Marketing and Sales Support Drive Partner Success ~</p>
<p>SYDNEY, Australia, Mar. 24, 2004 -- Enterprise Web leader Plumtree Software (Nasdaq: PLUM) has introduced the Plumtree Applications Incubator, a program that supports partners building service-oriented applications using the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite.</p>
<p>The program offers qualified application partners engineering, marketing and sales support, with an engineering team dedicated to co-developing Plumtree-powered applications, subsidised marketing forums for approaching Plumtree's install-base, and opportunities for co-selling with Plumtree's sales force. To support its inaugural application partners, Plumtree is offering eligible partners a one-year OEM license of the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite for as little as $US25,000 per quarter.</p>
<p>Potential application partners can download a short paper on why companies choose to build service-oriented applications using Plumtree's Enterprise Web Suite at</p>
<p>The Applications Incubator program is designed to empower companies to build service-oriented applications quickly and at low cost, using industry-standard Web services interfaces to incorporate security, integration, search, collaboration, content management and workflow capabilities into their own products. Unlike programs that limit developers to a single application server and one set of development tools, Plumtree's program allows partners to build service-oriented applications using a variety of development environments, languages and application servers, maximising the application's addressable market. In ways that would be virtually impossible with traditional portal software, Plumtree's application partners are free to develop their own user experience, create their own security roles, and operate from their own administrative domain within the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite.</p>
<p>"This program was designed to be irresistible to partners building service-oriented applications," said Plumtree General Manager of Asia-Pacific, Dean Stockwell. "With Plumtree, the application is entirely your own design, highlighting your user interface, using your application logic and your administration. We offer you a rich set of Web services for integration, security, search, collaboration, content management and workflow at very low cost, and let you run on whatever application server you like. With this program we'll bend over backwards to help you build new applications and bring them to market.</p>
<p>"We believe we can demonstrate that our Enterprise Web software surpasses competitive offerings by bringing superior partner-built applications to market. This can create leverage in our business through dozens of application partners, each selling to dozens of new customers," added Stockwell.</p>
<p>Ten partners, including Cognos, Deloitte, HandySoft, Media-Edge and SEEC, are already using Plumtree's technologies to build service-oriented applications. HandySoft developed its Sarbanes-Oxley Accelerator 45% faster using Plumtree's Enterprise Web Suite versus a stand-alone application server.</p>
To help partners design, develop and market their applications, Plumtree has formed an applications organisation that includes an applications engineering group led by Plumtree's former vice president of engineering, John Hogan, and an applications business development group led by Plumtree's former Managing Director of Asia-Pacific, Jay Simons. Partners enrolled in the program get:</p>
<p>* Development and demonstration software licenses;
* Access to an extensive developer knowledge base;
* Developer and peer-to-peer moderated discussions;
* Code samples; and
* Online application development training courseware.</p>
<p>These resources are available to participating application partners through the Plumtree Application Center, a new self-service partner support site at Partners building applications strategic to Plumtree qualify for additional resources:</p>
<p>* Development Support: collaboration with the Plumtree engineers who developed the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite to build service-oriented applications;</p>
<p>* Co-marketing: participation in Odyssey, the Advanced Developer Conference and the enormously successful No Empty Portals! seminar series; joint advertising campaigns, customer Web seminars and newsletters; and</p>
<p>* Co-selling: training sessions for Plumtree's sales force via online seminar or direct presentation.</p>
Citigroup Smith Barney's "March 2004 CIO Software Survey" shows that "composite applications and Web services (also known as service-oriented applications) are the number one priority for spending in 2004, as they were in 2003." The market for partners building Plumtree-powered applications is potentially very large.</p>
<p>Gartner's February 2004 report "Service-Oriented Business Applications Break Down Barriers" estimates that "by 2008, more than 75 percent of new applications will be composed of assembled service components." Over the past three years, Plumtree has re-designed its software to support these service-oriented applications, with features that are unique in the market:</p>
<p>* Application spaces: separate security and administration domains for each application, with the ability to support custom security roles as required by the application;</p>
<p>* Pluggable user experiences: separate navigation and branding for each application, with programming interfaces for customising the user experience that are supported from release to release;</p>
<p>* Comprehensive integration: ability to integrate user directories, content repositories, search engines and user profiles from different systems via Web services to create a rich context for each application based on other systems;</p>
<p>* Active Portlets: ability for portlets to interact with one another and with the user without refreshing an entire Web page to create a cohesive application experience;</p>
<p>* Java and .NET support: full Java and .NET support for partners to build applications using the technology of their choice; and</p>
<p>* Web services programming interfaces: Web services programming interfaces for interactions between Plumtree's application management framework and other components.</p>
New applications built on Plumtree's open framework can be integrated into existing deployments of the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite, or sold as separate applications. Examples of applications developed with Plumtree's support include:</p>
<p>* Cognos Executive Dashboard and Scorecarding Application for executives to survey key performance indicators;</p>
<p>* Deloitte Sales Productivity Application for field operation teams to improve productivity by integrating customer relationship management systems with OneSource customer data;</p>
<p>* HandySoft Sarbanes-Oxley Application for finance departments to monitor and manage corporate governance processes;</p>
<p>* Innerlink Homeland Emergency Response Operations eSystem Application (HEROS) for helping state and local governments to respond to security threats and natural disasters;</p>
<p>* MediaEdge Gavel Application for courts to access all the video, audio and documentary evidence related to a case; and</p>
<p>* SEEC Integrated Customer Service Application for insurance agents to interact with customer account and policy information from many systems.</p>
<p>"Sarbanes-Oxley compliance was a customer challenge we had to respond to in months not years," said HandySoft's Chief Operations Officer Stuart Claggett. "Drawing on Plumtree's search, collaboration and content management services allowed us to get to market very quickly, without tying us to one application server. The support of Plumtree's engineers was crucial in that process. We've built a successful product together, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Accelerator, and are hard at work on the next version."</p>
<p>For more information on program details see the Applications Incubator Program Guide, available at</p>
Plumtree Software is the Enterprise Web leader. Plumtree's mission is to create a comprehensive Web environment for employees, customers and partners across the enterprise to interact with different systems and work together. Plumtree's Enterprise Web solution consists of integration products for bringing resources from traditional systems together on the Web, shared services such as collaboration, content management and search for building new Web applications, and a portal platform for delivering these Web applications to broad audiences. Plumtree's independence and its Web Services Architecture allow this solution to span rival platforms and systems, helping maximise customers' return on their existing technology investments. With offices in more than a dozen countries,</p>
<p>Plumtree has licensed over 575 customers, including Boeing, Ford Motor Company, Procter &amp; Gamble and the U.S. Navy. For more information, visit Plumtree on the Web at</p>
<p>TRADEMARKS: Plumtree is a registered trademark of Plumtree Software, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries in the US and/or other countries. All other registered and unregistered trademarks in this document are the sole property of their respective owners.</p>
The Plumtree Incubator Program is subject to additional terms and conditions, including approval of an enrollment application, payment of applicable program and license fees and acceptance of Plumtree's contract and technology license terms. Not all interested parties will qualify and Plumtree reserves the right in its discretion to accept or reject any enrollment application. The qualifications, benefits, features and services of the program are subject to change without notice, and the program may be discontinued at any time. Program participants cannot be assured of any business benefit or economic result. Nothing herein should be construed as an offer to sell any product or service.</p>
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