What's new from: Trend Micro, Dragon, Fortinet, eShield, BorderWare, F5, ContentKeeper, WatchGuard

What's new from: Trend Micro, Dragon, Fortinet, eShield, BorderWare, F5, ContentKeeper, WatchGuard

Trend Micro Network VirusWall

Targeting the SME market, Trend Micro has rolled out the Network VirusWall solution. The product is an outbreak prevention appliance aimed at organisations that want to stop network viruses (Internet worms), block high threat vulnerabilities during outbreaks, and quarantine and clean-up infection sources including unprotected devices as they enter the network, using threat-specific knowledge from Trend Micro deployed at the network layer. Key features include: vulnerability isolation; network outbreak monitoring; network outbreak prevention; network scanning and detection; automated damage cleanup; security policy enforcement; ease of use, manageability, and security control. System requirements include two Ethernet Cables (Standard CAT-5 Cable with RJ-45 Connectors). Users should connect the INT Port of Network VirusWall 1200 to the Switch/Hub that you want to establish as your protection segment; and connect the EXT Port of Network VirusWall 1200 to the Switch/Hub that this protection segment originally connects to. Other system requirements include at least one TMCM server version 3.0 installed with a valid service activation code; one Windows-based computer with a CD-ROM drive; and a hyperterminal program to connect to the console port through console cable. The solution is distributed in Australia by Alstom IT, Ingram Micro and ChannelWorx, and in New Zealand by Lan 1 and Soft Solutions.

RRP: $78 per user for 100 users.

Dragon Remote Site

Enterasys has released the Dragon Remote Site (RS). The technology adds to the Dragon family of Intrusion Defence appliances, designed specifically for smaller remote Enterprise sites or MSSPs who wish to offer services for small- to medium-sized businesses. The network-based intrusion detection sensor was designed to support plug and play installation and remote maintenance, important attributes at remote locations where skilled security staff may not be available, the company said. Dragon RS builds on Enterasys’ Secure Networks solutions strategy, embedding security technologies directly into the network fabric. The distributor in Australia is Avnet.

RRP: $5992

Fortinet FortiGate-50A

Fortinet has launched the FortiGate-50A which the company claims delivers complete content security at the network’s edge. Designed to meet the complete content security needs of small- to medium-sized businesses, the FortiGate-50A antivirus firewall includes antivirus protection along with firewall, intrusion detection/prevention, content filtering, VPN and traffic shaping functions.Based on Fortinet’s FortiASIC Content Processor chip, Fortinet’s antivirus firewall systems can detect and eliminate viruses, worms, and other content-based threats without reducing network performance. The device can be kept up to date automatically through Fortinet’s FortiProtect Network. The FortiGate-50A system delivers enhanced network performance and throughput at a rate of 50Mbps for firewall, 10Mbps for VPN and 8Mbps for antivirus screening. Australian distributors include Lan 1 and Dovetail Distribution.

RRP: Pricing from $1150.


eShield includes antivirus, Web filtering and anti-spam. The eShield platform is remotely updated, allowing additional applications and features to be added in the most cost effective and convenient fashion. The eShield appliance requires no end user configuration and integrates with existing firewalls and proxies making it less burdensome to IT groups. The eShield embedded software engine features patent pending transparent bridge and load balancing capabilities that allow high-performance layer 7 technologies to be integrated into layer 1 implementations. eShield eliminates the complexity of building a multi-vendor security solution, yet integrates security solutions allowing users to choose their specific security vendor of choice including: McAfee, Sophos, Panda or Trend Micro, as well as Secure Computing for Web filtering, and ActiveState’s PureMessage engine for anti-spam. eShield is marketed towards network with 50+ users. This includes corporate, government, education and hospitality industries. Any client who requires a hardware solution providing an ‘all-in-one’ solution with ease of use and maintenance, according to the company. The product is distributed by Winproxy Australia.

RRP: eShield z1000 model from $4500

BorderWare MXtreme

BorderWare is introducing the MXtreme mail firewall into the Australian market. The product is an antivirus and anti-spam email firewall. According to the company, the MXtreme appliance alleviates this threat by providing specific perimeter security that works in conjunction with an existing firewall to provide complete protection from blended attacks on corporate IT resources. The MXtreme Mail Firewall is a dedicated appliance that sits behind the firewall, combining antivirus and anti-spam functionality to check that emails and their attachments are secure before they enter the internal mail server, according to the company. The MXtreme appliance processes all mail to a domain or sub-domain without the latency usually associated with intense security processing. The solution also provides accurate spam protection including whitelist, lexical analysis, message tagging and other techniques to reduce the management of spam and other false positives. It’s particularly useful for blocking the malformed messages that allow viruses in to the system without protection, the company adds. The product is exclusively distributed in Australia by Firewall Systems.

RRP: $8,900

F5 FirePass SSL VPN

F5’s FirePass SSL VPN products offers secure network access for remote staff. FirePass provides a Web-based solution that enables companies to extend reliable remote access to anyone connected to the Internet without special software or configuration on the remote device, according to the company. It also provides application-level security, offers standard RC4, 3DES encryption for secure communication, and delivers dynamic policy-based access for greater client security, control and enforcement. FirePass is distributed by Tech Pacific in Australia. RRP: Prices start at $14,300 for 25 concurrent users.

ContentKeeper Web

A gateway filtering device, ContentKeeper provides granular management of all browsing activities. It features hourly filtering database updates coupled with the patent-pending closed-loop collaborative filtering technology. Closed-loop collaborative filtering technology is ContentKeeper’s globally-meshed system where every ContentKeeper site has more than one million users worldwide helping to find, analyse, classify, update and reclassify new Internet sites in real time 24 hours a day, seven days a week, automatically. The company claims ContentKeeper allows carrier-class enterprise management of all Web access. The ability to monitor, manage and control Internet activities reduces legal liability, increases productivity and reduces Internet bandwidth costs. Software requirements include: Redhat Linux v7.1, v7.2, v7.3. The product is distributed in Australia by Open Systems Australia.

RRP: Price varies depending on number of users.

WatchGuard Firebox X

The new Firebox X line of integrated security appliances from WatchGuard for small- to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) lets customers upgrade the appliance to any higher model in the line by applying a software license key. Combining firewall, VPN, application layer inspection, intrusion prevention functionality, spam blocking, Web filtering and authentication in a single appliance, the Firebox X line was designed to scale in line with an organisation’s growth, the company said. Firebox X features WatchGuard’s Intelligent Layered Security (ILS) architecture, which was designed to maximise protection without compromising performance. The engine at the core of the ILS architecture works to neutralise threats with a coordinated, multi-layered defense that makes use of available processing power. WatchGuard expects to extend the ILS architecture in the future to efficiently integrate additional security services such as gateway antivirus and signature-based intrusion prevention. In addition, Firebox X ILS architecture incorporates intrusion prevention capability that inspects and blocks traffic at the application layer.

The Firebox X line of integrated security appliances comprises four models and is available immediately and priced as follows: Firebox X500, $3150; Firebox X700, $3750; Firebox X1000, $4950 and Firebox X2500, $7850. Firebox X appliances and add-on services are available through WatchGuard’s Australian distributors: Ingram Micro, Lan Systems and Firewall Systems.

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