NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Microsoft gets lewd, Gateway makes good

NOTES FROM THE FIELD: Microsoft gets lewd, Gateway makes good

Three billion dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to. That’s probably why The SCO Group bumped its claim against IBM from $US3 billion to $US5 billion, adding copyright infringement to its list of grievances. Hey, inflation is a bitch. And so is Pammy, ever since I snuck onto her hard drive. At least she’s not suing me ... yet.

Get a grep: Last month’s Windows 2000 source code leak reveals the shocking news that Microsoft programmers are a bunch of potty mouths. That’s according to one anonymous source who grepped the files looking for programmers’ notes and found several terms not printable here. He (she?) also found 165 uses of the word kludge [ed — this means a machine, system. or program that has been badly put together ... mmm, there’s a few of those about], 213 sucks, and 7508 references to bugbug [Ed - an error message you get when booting Windows XP ... we think]. In related news, some readers advocated printing out the code and employing it as toilet tissue. Personally, I wouldn’t want to use anything with that many holes in it.

Hot spots: The Cringester who complained about his Gateway notebook’s pixel problems two weeks ago reports that Gateway has graciously replaced his machine. As some readers noted, bad pixels are hardly exclusive to the guys with the cow boxes. For example, HP doesn’t consider an Omnibook screen defective until it has at least seven bad dots; IBM allows for 16 sour pixels on its big ThinkPad SXGA screens. I think I’m coming down with spotted fever.

Naughty thawtes: A Cringe spy recently looked up his email security certificate at Thawte (rhymes with “caught”), only to get someone else’s instead — complete with name, birth date, and passport number. Spokesdudes for Thawte parent, VeriSign, said the problem was now fixed, and that only a single user’s address was shared with a handful of customers. Thawte’s motto, by the way, is “Trust is non-negotiable”. Who knew?

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