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CBL recovers RAIDS

  • 18 September, 2003 15:50

<p>Brisbane, Qld., September 11, 2003 – CBL Data Recovery Technologies Pty Ltd. (, a leading international provider of computer data recovery services, has announced the deployment of a new software utility that radically reduces the time it takes to recover data from crashed multiple disk RAID arrays and other Enterprise Storage Systems such as SAN’s and NAS’s.</p>
<p>The software, used in conjunction with CBL’s Remote RAID Response Service, revolutionizes data recovery for multi-disk storage units. Customers no longer have to ship an entire server to CBL’s recovery labs but merely the effected disk drives. This means minimal disruption to business while the data recovery efforts are underway. In addition, the OnmiRAID software allows CBL to reduce recovery times to hours instead of days or weeks over current recovery processes in use in the industry.</p>
<p>“Systems managers put a lot of faith in RAID, but they fail just like any other type of technology,” says CBL’s head of research and development Jeremy Brooks. “To recover data from a six-disk RAID array can take experts days. By automating many of the laborious tasks, we can now reduce this time to only a few hours.”</p>
<p>CBL’s OmniRAID software has been designed to work with any RAID vendor or combination of controllers, scheme or encoding system. Developed by a team lead by Brooks at CBL’s labs in the Center for Advanced Industry in Newcastle, UK, OmniRAID is part of an ongoing strategy to create innovative tools to reduce the costs and response time of data recovery from any media or operating system.</p>
<p>“Many data recovery firms simply avoid complex jobs like recovering RAID because the store bought tools simply don’t exist for RAID,” adds Brooks. “To manually configure a system to help recovery traditionally requires a high degree of technical knowledge and is very time consuming.”</p>
<p>This year marks CBL’s 10th year of successfully offering data recovery services to clients with damaged storage media due to hardware failure, virus activity, system malfunctions, physical damage, file corruption or human error. CBL’s OmniRAID software has already been successfully used within CBL’s worldwide network of nine labs in five continents and is now available as part of CBL’s Remote RAID Response Service.</p>
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<p>About CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc.</p>
<p>CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. ( is a leading international provider of computer data recovery services for clients experiencing data loss. Founded in 1993, CBL offers data recovery services worldwide through its network of labs, offices and authorized partners. CBL’s offices and laboratories are located in nine countries on five continents including: Brisbane, Australia; San Diego, CA and Armonk, NY, USA; Toronto, Canada; Newcastle, United Kingdom; Kaiserslautern, Germany; Beijing, China; Barbados, West Indies; Ponta Grossa, Brazil and Singapore.</p>

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