SnapGear by CyberGuard PCI635

SnapGear by CyberGuard PCI635

CyberGuard Corporation has announced the general availability of SnapGear by CyberGuard PCI635, an embedded firewall network card that fits into standard peripheral slots in PC desktops and servers. The new card allows workgroups to easily deploy advanced network security functions, such as virtual private network (VPN), firewall and intrusion detection that protect individual servers and desktops from internal and external threats. The SnapGear by CyberGuard hardware-based distributed security approach puts a PCI635 firewall and intrusion detection system as close as possible to every host system that requires protection, eliminating the possibility of internal attack from behind the firewall. The PCI635 can be configured to prevent desktop users from tampering with security settings, further reducing the threat of security breaches from people on the internal network. Because this is a NIC-based firewall/VPN/IDS device that is independent of the host, the PCI635 makes the desktop system highly immune to Windows vulnerability exploits. New features of the SnapGear by CyberGuard PCI635 include an intrusion detection system (IDS) that increases security by identifying known security attacks and a slot-in card design which places the firewall inside the computer. The product also offers support for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 server, and Linux. Individual PCI635 firewall network cards can be integrated into CyberGuard’s SnapGear Central Management System (CMS) for single-point graphical monitoring, configuration and simultaneous updating of hundreds of firewalls across a local or distributed network.

RRP: $775

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