AMD’s Opteron finally snares HP

AMD’s Opteron finally snares HP

HP has announced that it will begin shipping Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Opteron processor-based systems within its HP ProLiant family.

AMD was the first company to bring simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing technology to the market. It has been adopted by major server vendors such as IBM and Sun Microsystems as an affordable bridge between current 32-bit capabilities and the migration to 64-bit computing.

However, HP was slow to come to the party, initially choosing to wait for Intel, which announced its own move to extend its x86 instruction set to 64-bits earlier this year.

“The HP announcement was significant news for us,” AMD A/NZ country manager, John Robinson, said. “The largest server provider in Australia has embraced Opteron. That makes three of the four primary server providers in this country.”

Robinson said that the unique architecture of Opteron and the pricing and performance of the product were critical incentives for HP’s decision.

“That’s a great endorsement for AMD, as is the fact that Intel has adopted this technology,” he said.

HP saw the enormous potential in this product as it was something that they could not previously offer to customers, according to Angus Jones of HP’s industry standard servers division.

“It makes sense as a developer to invest in something like this,” he said. “And it’s giving our customers investment protection — they can run on 32-bits and move up to 64-bit tech­nology at their own pace.”

This was the only HP product line to include Opteron at present, although there were plans to further incorporate the technology into other product lines, Jones said.

“We feel that this gives our customers a greater choice across our range,” he said. “It also appeals to the customer who likes to stay at the leading edge of technology.”

The partnership between the two companies will involve an expanded collaboration, which will attempt to drive next-generation server capabilities through a multi-year purchasing, marketing and technology agreement.

“We will be providing HP with technical advice and demonstration, as well as keeping them up-to-date with technical advances,” Robinson said. “We will also be working with HP globally in marketing programs.”

As for AMD securing the remaining member of the big four and adding Dell to its belt, Robinson was non-committal.

“I’m not in a position to say what Dell is doing,” he said. The first of the Opteron processor-based ProLiant products is shipping now, at a recommended price of $4695.

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