Online and on time

Online and on time


Ever-growing distributor CHA has spent a considerable amount of time and effort in redesigning its Web site. The frames-based site has substantially more information than its predecessor, including a secure "Reseller Support Centre". Go to to get access to this secure section.

This part of the site has a bundle of useful information for resellers, such as outstanding order information. The "Order Query" page requires users to enter their purchase order number and CHA reference number. There's also product information and price lists. Users can download current price lists in zipped Excel format, as well as marketing-related software and product brochures.

Other information on the site includes a com-pany profile on CHA, information about the products it distributes, vendor links and a "what's new" section. There are links to technical support information -- mostly vendor FTP sites. A real boon for users is the "User Tools" section which has links to different search engines that specialise in a number of topics, including news, documentation and software. In all, CHA has done a good job redesigning its site. It's clean, well-designed and simple to navigate.

Computer Way

Originally a hardware retailer, Computer Way is expanding into e-commerce and virtual enterprise. The company has spent a considerable amount of time researching online trading and now has a weighty Internet presence.

Computer Way's online business is Wholesale Direct. In its own words: "Wholesale Direct is, at its most basic, an Internet service established to allow the general Australian public to purchase at true wholesale dealer pricing. This core premise is supported by multiple value-added services designed to attract and keep the consumer within the site."

There are no signs of e-commerce on the site yet, but it does serve as a useful resource if you're interested in doing business on the Net. Currently, the content of the site is background information on the Internet: how it started, what it does and its future potential. There are even instructions on how to use the site for the Internet-illiterate. And there's also information about credit card fraud.

Wholesale Direct will, eventually, include product news and reviews of the online catalogue. Other future plans include a PC Configurator and the "Boffin Bank", an information resource for its customers.

The company will start out small, and by the end of the year it plans to expand its range to include whitegoods and other major electrical appliances.


Among other things, AnotherWorld Com-puter Centre has a Web page design service, which is evidenced by its rather swish site. It contains heaps of graphics and animations, so all the pages take a considerable time to load.

Navigation of the site is via the Site Explorer on the left side of the page. This works on the same principle of expanding and collapsing folders as Windows Explorer. It's an effective tool, which makes locating information fairly simple.

Content of the site includes links to the major search engines, product support and a section on "must have" software. This page has links to patches and also to the vendors' pages.

The site's author has had some fun and includes his personal information, along with some humorous photographs.

Naturally, there's also information about AnotherWorld's Web design service.

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