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Kaspersky Labs takes the fight against spam to Internet Service Providers

  • 31 December, 2003 08:58

<p>Kaspersky Labs presents Kaspersky Anti-Spam ISP Edition - a new level of anti-spam protection developed specially to filter spam at the level of Internet providers; a logical extension to the range of Kaspersky Labs anti-spam products which allow highly effective filtration of unsolicited email messages for large amounts of data.</p>
<p>Kaspersky Anti-Spam ISP Edition is a worthy answer to the growing activity of spammers. On one hand, the product allows Internet providers to solve the problem of system resources overload due to enormous volumes of spam. And on the other, it significantly raises the competitive ability of the services provided, by offering users centralized protection from unsolicited advertising. As a result, clients no longer have to spend time filtering their own unwanted mail, paying for spam traffic, or worrying that an important business communication has been lost.</p>
<p>Kaspersky Anti-Spam ISP Edition, an intelligent solution for filtering unwanted email correspondence at the level of Internet Service Providers, works under Linux and FreeBSD. The system recognizes, identifies and filters unsolicited mail messages when email is being received via SMTP protocol. In this way, the filtering of spam is carried out before the message is delivered to the final recipient's mailbox. Kaspersky Anti-Spam ISP Edition has a minimal effect on system performance in order to optimize the product for ISP use.</p>
<p>The use of modern identification technology means that 90 - 95% of spam can be identified as such. These results are due to a series of new technologies developed by Kaspersky Labs. The combination of several filtration methods - linguistic analysis (encompassing not only the contents of the message, but also of all attached objects), formal analysis of message characteristics, the use of blacklists and whitelists, including RBL (Realtime Black List) - enables the detection of the majority of undesirable messages. At the same time, the use of heuristic analyser tools means that new varieties of spam can be effectively identified.</p>
<p>Kaspersky Anti-Spam ISP Edition is able to protect the ISP user from the most insidious types of persistent advertising - the system effectively searches for and recognises random sequences of characters (symbols) contained in mail messages. Kaspersky Anti-Spam ISP Edition is highly reliable: out of 100000 messages, the number of messages falsely identified as suspicious ranged from between 1 to 10 messages.</p>
<p>The load on mail servers caused by the mass circulation of spam can be significantly reduced, by implementing Kaspersky Anti-Spam ISP Edition. In addition to this, Kaspersky Anti-Spam ISP Edition enables the end user to avoid the ever-prevalent problem of insistent advertising. The product corresponds to modern demands in ISP provision. Unique technologies, on-going analysis of new spam and prompt database updates ensure the reliability of the system; ISP providers using Kaspersky Anti-Spam forestall spammers, thus offering their clients an impenetrable barrier against unsolicited correspondence.</p>
<p>For further information contact Raelene Forbes on 02 9672 4222 or by email,</p>

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