Novell planning combination SUSE/Ximian Linux desktop

Novell planning combination SUSE/Ximian Linux desktop

Novell announced that it has set a spring deadline for the release of its new corporate Linux version that merges two Linux applications recently acquired.

Novell purchased SUSE Linux in Novemeber year, and in August that year picked up Ximian. Up until now the two companies have not merged products or software.

Tentatively being called SUSE Linux Desktop, the system's core is the operating system SUSE Linux very similar to the certification that is offered with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. The GNOME interface and software is being offered - repackaged in the Ximian Desktop.

While Novell predicted sweeping implementation of Linux onto PCs, within 12 months the company said, market-leader Microsoft will offer varying degrees of competitive resistance with its Longhorn version of Windows.

Novell is still deciding what software will be included. Some companies and products, like RealNetworks and its popular media player, and Mono, the open-source clone of Microsoft's .NET infrastructure, have been confirmed; while other software integration - the Mozilla browser for example - is up in the air.

Novell said the final product would probably use the Novell logo, but it does not plan to subsume Linux's own brand identity into the final product.

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