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Vodafone to shake up the Aussie market with free picture messaging

  • 02 July, 2004 12:22

<p>Vodafone will shake up the mobile market this weekend with the announcement of free picture messaging (PXT) to any mobile on any network in Australia or any email address in the world.</p>
<p>The free PXT offer, exclusive to Vodafone customers, will run from this Sunday 4 July, until the end of September 2004.</p>
<p>Over the last six months, PXT messaging across the Vodafone network has grown at a rate of a 35-50% month-on-month, despite being priced at 75 cents per message, and has increased by an incredible 100% in the last four weeks alone.</p>
<p>According to Ian Scherger, Chief Marketing Officer for Vodafone Australia, the free PXT promotion will drive even greater trial and usage of PXT as a real alternative for customers to keep in touch with friends and family across Australia and around the world.</p>
<p>“We’ve had the advantage of watching and learning from other markets where Vodafone has led the way with free PXT promotions, such as New Zealand, Ireland and Italy. The response to those promotions was fantastic and from that experience we estimate that PXT traffic in Australia will increase ten fold over our network during the promotional period.”</p>
<p>Ian continues: “It takes a leader to instigate substantial change in customer behaviour - we’re committed to making PXT available to everyone and we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is. We believe PXT is the fastest growing global communication trend and by offering free PXT we are ensuring that Australian customers are a part of this.</p>
<p>“Offering free PXT is in line with our commitment to driving down the cost of being mobile for the benefit of our customers, and introducing them to new ways of communicating. We’re confident that the majority of our customers with PXT-capable handsets will trial the service during the free period, and discover a more visual and spontaneous way to communicate with friends and family,” said Ian.</p>
<p>To support the free PXT promotion, Vodafone has a wide range of PXT-capable handsets available to customers from a number of leading manufacturers including Sharp, Nokia, Panasonic and Siemens.</p>
<p>Through its global buying power, Vodafone is able to offer some of the world’s best camera phones at very competitive prices that no other service providers can compete with, starting as low as RRP$149 for the Motorola C550 and up to RRP$899 for Australia’s first one megapixel camera phone, the Sharp GX30, which is exclusive to Vodafone live!</p>
<p>Ian comments: “We’re confident that the combination of new high quality, low cost camera phones and free PXT will drive significant usage and long term change in the Australian market.”</p>
<p>- ends -</p>
<p>For more information, please contact:
Kelly Smith, Vodafone Australia on 0414 208 386 or
Juliet Simpson at Vodafone Australia on 0414 202 223</p>
<p>Notes to Editors:</p>
<p>Free PXT offer does not include Video PXT</p>
<p>Fair use policy applies – see for more details</p>
<p>Vodafone customers can send free PXT to any mobile on any Australian network or to any email address in the world. If receiver does not have a PXT-capable handset they will receive a text message directing them to a website where they can retrieve the PXT.</p>
<p>Offer ends 30 September 2004</p>
<p>PXT must have a picture or sound attached to be free otherwise a TXT charge of 25 cents will apply</p>
<p>PXT-capable handsets available on Vodafone</p>
<p>Motorola C550 RRP$149
Siemens CV65 RRP$299
Nokia 3200 RRP$299
Sharp GX15 RRP$349
Sharp GX10i RRP$399
Panasonic X60 RRP$399
Sony Ericcson T610 RRP$399
Siemens M55 RRP$409
Siemens MC60 RRP$469
Sony Ericcson Z600 RRP$499
Nokia 7250i RRP$569
Siemens SL55 RRP$599
Nokia 5140 RRP$639
Nokia 6220 RRP$659
Sharp GX20 RRP$699
Nokia 6820 RRP$699
Sony Ericcson T630 RRP$739
Panasonic X70 RRP$779
Motorola V878 RRP$799
Samsung E700 RRP$829
Motorola V60 RRP$899
Nokia 6230 RRP$899
Siemens SXI RRP$899
Sharp GX30 RRP$899</p>
<p>About Vodafone</p>
<p>Vodafone Group Plc is a leading mobile communications company - 25 per cent of the world’s mobile phone users are connected to Vodafone. Vodafone has equity interests in 26 countries, and partner networks in a further 13 countries - leaving an unmatched network footprint. The company provides quality services to 2.5 million Australian customers, 1.6 million New Zealand customers and 114,000 Fijian customers. Vodafone has more than 133.4 million proportionate customers worldwide.</p>
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